10 Fundamental Needs to Start a Restoration Business.

Sitting up late this weekend and writing out some foundational pieces to a larger program we been building. Wanted to share a few that we just don't feel anyone should have to wait for.

First, let's set the stage for the audience and the reason for the program. It's a blueprint of sorts.

The intended audience is geared for the restoration/ remediation contractor. But the principles certainly lend direction to any business.

This will act as a blueprint for the dozens of requests we get per month from clients and not clients alike.
We feel that having an easy to read and follow system would help the entrepreneurial business owner manage a small to medium firm and not get into the hampster wheel of being forever IN the business.

This is a shorter version

1. Start with a plan.

This may seem "obvious" but I can promise it's far too often overlooked or even generally overlooked.

What is your service? Will you be multi service? You need to understand the myth of multi-tasking and avoid the...

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Stop managing. Start leading.

The great Steve Jobs was quoted as saying, “Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

Business owners that are hyper-focused on surviving get caught up in managing. There is a sense of security when they are involved in the day to day operations. They feel connected to the business, but they are living the E-Myth (as described by the book written by Michael Gerber). Arguably they have a vision and mission that prompted them to start the business, but they aren’t sure how to accomplish their dreams. Leadership is a struggle for most small to mid sized businesses.

Good leaders know that they are the best when they help others reach their goals. Leaders create more leaders because they are really good at educating, delegating, and course correcting when things don’t go as planned.

Lo Kidd, the Content Manager at Trainual wrote an excellent...

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You have permission to stop responding to carriers and TPAs.

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2021


September 28, 2021: carriers and TPA's WILL NOT STOP sending you silly review emails.


Here is the absolute BEST PART.

You don't have to read or even reply to them.


Now, I know many of you like to "fight" and claim there is a satisfaction to "winning". But stealing our time, as industry professionals, to squabble in the mud with these amateurs is not a good use of our time. 


Tell your client on day one that they are your most important client during the period of remediation and recon (if you do it). But by no means will you engage with some under prepared desk person that is paid to take money from all parties and give to the carrier. You are above that and your customer will appreciate it.

What if we said we had a free template that you can use to craft communication with your client when a carrier or TPA contacts you without the insured included on the communication? (Hint: WE DO. KEEP READING!)


Your job is to properly perform the...

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What you aren’t told about Xactimate for contractors on non-program work

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

The restoration industry is plagued with a legacy philosophy that somehow insurance is in control of what you can and cannot charge, and how contractors must perform work to get paid. The thought process is that while you as the contractor have a contract with the mutual client (insured) that the insured is left out of the conversation and the contractor is obligated to work out the details with the insurance companies. 

This notion couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It should be noted that there are some cases where contractors have signed up for “program work”. As such, this conversation doesn’t apply. 

Here at Restoration Advisers, we urge contractors to keep program work to an absolute minimum. There are times when it makes sense to take this work to keep crews busy. It is generally low margin work. A good distribution of work from organic work vs program work is 90/10.

Xactware is a software company that collects data from multiple...

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It's as Simple as The Three P's

Maybe you have heard of the PPP.

I don't mean the 2020 Payroll Protection Plan.

 I'm talking about the well used entrepreneurial system stemming around:

  • People
  • Product
  • Process


Learning how to stay FOCUSED and keep your eyes on these three can help make everything else work more efficiently and profitable.

 In the restoration industry, or any trade  I would presume, we leave these often ignored, neglected or even implemented out of order. This starts the process of chasing our tails forever !

 You must start with the right people. The right mix of talent and people in the right roles. This is almost single handed, the MOST critical point. One you must spend time on. 

 We see far too many people focusing on product 85% of the time. This is the outrageous pursuit of all the IICRC certifications and all the toys the carriers push upon you to pay for.

 But most try to use entry level people with little to no true training and SOP's to push...

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