What are Restoration Rebels?

The following are a few of the “OG” posts from the Restoration Rebels Group on Facebook. 

NOTE: From the desk of Toby Clem. No AI was used to write this blog. You can reach Toby by filling out the form at the bottom of the page with your comment or question, or by using this link to view his calendar

We recently did an interview series and we titled it "Rebel Sessions". It was a full history on the “Rebels” and what the movement was all about before it was overtaken by memes, complaining, and badgering newcomers. 
The following posts are just a glimpse in time and are still live in the group. 

As many of you know, we started our own community to continue the conversations in productive and focused conversations with those who desired to TAKE ACTION without all the noise. 
There is a growing library of resources, courses, videos, conversation, and community that we invite you to. 

You can watch the unabridged version of...

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Snitches Get Stitches

By Klark Brown  (no AI used in this writing)

A modern nostalgic tale

A quick sideways smile appeared as I read what an actual person in 2023 wrote in a professional (somewhat) forum. 

With a teaspoon of amusement, a dash of dismay, and a gallon of continued frustration, I watched the comment appear, and develop a large audience around the words in true social media fashion.

Before diving into my visions of Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone, and Tony Soprano, allow me to fill you in on the context. 

This is about yet another online post about Asbestos Testing, the laws and the standards surrounding the requirements.  

What many do not know (because I find no reason to announce it) is I made a PROMISE to do my part to help educate an entire industry. 

Being a hard-headed, ADHD, sometimes hectic industry about this important misunderstood law is affecting too many unknowing and helpless workers. 

But enough about that, I have written scores of...

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  1. What is Scope Creep?
  2. Examples of Scope Creep. 
  3. 5 Common Causes of Scope Creep
  4. How Do I Avoid Scope Creep?
  5. Conclusion


Scope creep can occur when a project’s completion requirements exceed the planned requirements. 

When this happens, the project runs the risk of being completed late, over budget, and lacking in quality. 

It can also severely deteriorate your relationship with clients, referral partners, and subcontractors.

It is such an important topic that I wanted to spend a few minutes today sharing more information and ways to foresee it and avoid it. 


 Every project should begin with agreed-upon project requirements, including a project timeline, budget, boundaries, and incremental and final deliverables. A clear and solid contract should be in place outlining the mutual agreements. 

 When a project’s requirements go beyond those included in the original plans...

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