We get it ...  you love the trade, so you started your own company with an idealized vision – then quickly realized:

>> Having your own company meant experiencing challenges you didn't know existed because your former boss never showed you behind the curtain 

>> Company culture and leadership skills would be necessary to grow your staff and business and those are not your strong suit 

>> Insurance companies would eat up your profits, leave you with piles of admin work and you always feel like you're playing catch up with revenue



You DON'T need to put up with being squeezed by insurance companies, lack of adequate staff or worry over your furture.


We'll show you the road to FREEDOM.

Hey it's Klark Brown & Toby Clem 


With our combined backgrounds in Disaster Recovery, Business Operations & Coaching, we've helped company owners just like you eliminate pain points and achieve success and freedom. 

Real Talk: there's no "simple-success-binder.'

Our specialty is bridging the gap with a personalized plan for your unique business needs so that you can ... 

>> Actually take time off because your business runs itself 

>> Know how to successfully work with insurance companies or eliminate them from your business model completely 

>> Have the profits that give you peace of mind and allow you to grow your business exponentially 

You can't get this kind of help anywhere else!



"Klark is the real deal!

Klark's knowledge of the restoration industry is invaluable. I recently attended one of his classes that opened my eyes to many new ideas/strategies that I could implement TODAY in my business. No matter where you are in your restoration business, Klark can guide you."

Chris Edmonds
DryPro Restoration NJ