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The Ultimate learning and collaboration community. 

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Monthly Group Video Calls

You and your fellow restorers along with a member of the RBA team will join together on a monthly accountability session. We will cover topics of interest to the community, and address obstacles and challenges that you and your peers are faced with

Peer Network

Join a vetted network of like-minded peers. Unlike other industry friends, we don't view anyone as  competition. If your values are aligned, there is an opportunity to collaborate in shared markets! The RBA community is 100% committed to the education and the growth of each other and the industry. 

Restoration Resources

The RBA network has access to hundreds of very valuable documents, courses, training, white papers, books, and resources to help you be successful. The Restoration Advisers team will have availability for direct communication regarding issues that you and your team might be facing!

Office Hours 

The RBA team will have Virtual Office Hours for you and/or your team to be able to ask questions, get feedback, or run ideas by our professional staff. You will access the Office Hours schedule through your private portal and be able to schedule a time that works best for you. 

Exclusive Content

You will be granted access to exclusive content that is specifically addressing hot topics and obstacles that the industry and the RBA community are facing. There will also be VIP access content that will hit Restoration Nation + before it is sent out to the public!

Restoration Referral Partners

We have developed a strong referral network. We have preferred referral partners for many types of needs that restoration professionals have. RBA members will have access to these referral partners upon request, or as a need arises.



Top features

  • Virtual Guided Group Coaching
  • Exclusive Community
  • E-Courses
  • Downloadable Restoration Resources
  • Exclusive Content
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Top features

  • Virtual Guided Group Coaching
  • Exclusive Community
  • E-Courses
  • Downloadable Restoration Resources
  • Exclusive Content
  • Direct access to Coaching team via phone for situational guidance & discussion
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This is the exclusive MEMBERSHIP for resources, content, and community for



This community helps contractors collaborate and learn with industry peers while building the restoration company of their dreams.


In this community we :


Leave the noise of the other platforms at the door

Are you tired of all the noise? 
Join Restoration Business Academy!

This platform is not for degrading responses or egos. It's also not for vendors in the restoration industry. We are committed to keeping this community focused on the business owners and leaders who are performing restoration services. 



Want to develop a community of people who are dedicated and serious 

Do you ever get the feeling that other online communities are driven by people who aren't dedicated to their craft? People who aren't utilizing best practices and industry standards?

Restoration Business Academy promotes constant learning and education through peer collaboration.  



Encourage all questions to be asked

In return, we expect that the answers & responses be professional and in a collaborative learning tone. We do not allow degrading, or condescending responses. 


Bottom Line- 

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