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business community customer service May 09, 2023

The following are a few of the “OG” posts from the Restoration Rebels Group on Facebook. 

NOTE: From the desk of Toby Clem. No AI was used to write this blog. You can reach Toby by filling out the form at the bottom of the page with your comment or question, or by using this link to view his calendar

We recently did an interview series and we titled it "Rebel Sessions". It was a full history on the “Rebels” and what the movement was all about before it was overtaken by memes, complaining, and badgering newcomers. 
The following posts are just a glimpse in time and are still live in the group. 

As many of you know, we started our own community to continue the conversations in productive and focused conversations with those who desired to TAKE ACTION without all the noise. 
There is a growing library of resources, courses, videos, conversation, and community that we invite you to. 

You can watch the unabridged version of the interview series “Rebel Sessions” in Restoration Business Academy
Use this link to get 1 Month Free if you want to see all of the full length videos.

Or you can see clips of the interview on YouTube

Here are some posts from Klark that will give you a good idea about the philosophy of the “Rebels”. 



If you hate straight talk and wordy posts, this won't be for you.

  1. You don't suck but you make mistakes. Daily.

    It's a living breathing business with humans. Not a picture on the wall.
    Give yourself a break. But learn from them. There will be others
    Bad culture has sunk more restoration companies than any recessions.
    Slow to hire-Fast to fire.
    Sometimes toxic people slip by you. They are good at that. Don't beat yourself up. But handle that quick. I mean whiplash quick.
    You are apt to hire quick now due to being short handed.
    Don't. Do Not. It's a trap.
    You should be spending time digging into peoples careers. Find out why their last job didn't want them.  Did they work for bad people?
    You just found out their judgment might be off. That's not who you need.
    Hire smart people.
    Can't afford them?
    You can't afford not to have them.
    Screw the carriers. Learn to sell and explain to your clients why you cost what you do.  They will get it.
    If they want cheap, it's not hard to find those guys. But that's not you.
  1. be a person of action.
    Have an issue. Resolve it. Immediately. 



Xactimate have proven they cannot serve two masters.

They have been discovered widely.

Just drop it. Save your money, use something else.

I’ll make a series of video on how to price jobs, at least mitigation simpler, easier, cheaper, quicker.

Your techs will be able to price jobs.

You will be able to price jobs up front.

I’ll make these segment courses in November.

I will of course sell them because of the years I spent building these processes.

But you will make your money back on your first job.



Because we all love advice...

I’ve been in court maybe 6-8 times in my restoration career.

The documentation is important...but of these 6 or so...judgment went to the insured 5 times based on one thing.

We discuss this constantly here, so please pay attention. Argue if you want. But these are actual cases.

The insured claims, despite the emergency services situation we all claim, that they were NOT given a detailed estimate and proposal up front for their claim.

I’m 3 cases, they proved that they received no final detailed bill.

Add in times where there might have been a number up front, but the final was a lot more and had zero signed approvals.

Insured wins.

So while you focus on pictures, sketches for the carrier.....you are not training on how to teach your staff to get numbers up front.

Save your breath and don’t tell me it’s not possible. It is, I’ve done it successfully.

Yes, most of these cases included vendor programs.

Guess who wasn’t in court, to back up the restorer?

You guessed it. Your good neighbor.

Want to learn how to get in front of this?

How to not gamble and wait for a client to take you to court?

You know where to find me

You folks rule. Let’s prove it.



I want each and everyone of you to saying what we CAN’T do and only discussing what we CAN.

We do not, nor have we ever worked for, been an employee of or been financially beholden to Insurance Carriers.

You are a private entity, an LLC, an S Corp or something.

But no carrier has 0.1% stake in your company. So stop giving them power.

Shoot, give me 10% of your company and I will be your COO and keep you on track.

But stop. Today. They smile upon the power they have persuaded you to think they have.

They are employees. They work FOR your insured. Remind them of that.

Tuesday. Wake up and think this way.



Holy WOW.

I have a really really tough one and I want to share it with everyone.

I have an OUTSTANDING Lead Tech. Huge number of great reviews, great closing ratio, all plumbers request him, strong sales, has asked me for personal coaching on his commercial jobs....

But has a heavy foot. Over 2 years.....I am certain he has gotten 20 Driving alerts (sensors in truck trigger), a few complaints from the public....

Has been verbally warned, written up, sent to defensive driving....

And just now I get a 71 in a 55.

SO here is the subject I coach on......no one person can place your company at risk. What you / we put up with is our own demise.

800 trucks on the road....alot of liability, high premiums....I have to look out for the COMPANY.

I have to let this person go or move him to a helper ( which pays a much smaller %).

But I MUST. Your company is not a friend zone. Its a company and the stakes are High.

No one places staff higher than I do...but they have to meet us half way.



I recently dropped 13k on an AC/ Heat pump and ducts on my house.

My contractor wouldn’t do it without my paying.

But he did politely offer alternatives on financing.

I gave them a raving review.

So tell me again why we are not doing this?

And don’t tell me it was not emergency services. It was 100 outside. Tell me that’s not critical.




Please Read this closely.

When Code Blue or ANY TPA is auditing your claim...after the loss is complete...

You have ZERO responsibility to adjust. You are not forced.

Code Blue (or whomever) are NOT YOUR CLIENT.

They aren't even YOUR CLIENT'S (homeowner) CLIENT.

You could go out and hire anyone to rebut against them and actually raise it.

If you are invoicing openly and correctly....there should be no changes.

If you are ON the TPA, then this is a different story and I am Sorry. Maybe you can cut them loose in 2019.





You can watch the unabridged version of the interview series “Rebel Sessions” in Restoration Business Academy.
Use this link to get 1 Month Free if you want to see all of the full length videos.

Or you can see clips of the interview on YouTube

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