You don’t want to find yourself inside Klarks head.

 Trust me when I say,

"You don’t want to find yourself inside Klarks head."

But if you happen to find yourself there, or at least in his presence, this is the kind of shit you’d hear.

This was a random BLURT moment in the office last week. I had to share it.
I know you know him well enough to know that he speaks what he thinks, especially when he thinks it will help someone. 

The analogy was striking. It really speaks to an issue that we hear about every day.

"Imagine being a restaurant owner and going to alll the grilled cheese making classes every year.

That's what a large percentage of the restoration industry does. The owners and leaders LOVE going to drying classes. They LOVE to get certifications. 

The pursuit of being a better technician often supersedes the need for becoming a better business owner/leader.


So they can get a small percentage points more dry in a small fraction of time faster?

How does that help thier BUSINESS?"


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Nashville taught me about waffle tacos

Nashville taught me something amazing. 

Challenge tradition.

Challenge norms.

NOTHING is sacred in business... or at the table that I sit at to eat!

Did you know that there is such a thing as tacos made with waffles?

 I met up with 2 childhood friends recently in Nashville.

Jeff the piano man and I met for lunch (at a bougie waffle joint).

Do you like breakfast for lunch or dinner?

Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon. Mmmm. Any time of the day is good with me!

Last time I was there we had Nashville's famous hot chicken. Call me sheltered, but I’d never heard of it. 

Dennis told me that hot was really hot. He warned me. 

I got medium. 

It's a good thing. That was a painful meal. 

I cannot fathom what EXTRA hot would have been like. 

Thats insanity!

I used to tell my mom after football… It hurts so good. Because I enjoyed playing football, it was worth the pain.

That medium Nashville Chicken hurt so good. 

I was going to go...

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Those words are told to the world best downhill skiers. 
Specifically the type called "Moguls" are a fast paced freestyle style. 
High risk, huge victories. 
Don't look down is a famous teaching for skiers. 
Why? Because where you look is where you go.
So looking ahead will take you ahead. Looking down clearly will not. 
Could this not be applied to life and business? 
Goal oriented people will always be looking ahead
and seldom where they are now. 
This place was planned yesterday or long before. 
It's a result, not a destination. And one that will take you to the next place. 
Don't look down. That's not where the real work is. 
Knowing where you are is safe, and certainly a good idea. But only for a fleeting moment. 
In business, don't look down and get caught up in minor things. 
Delegate to the professionals and...
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NEXT GEN Superstars!

Superstar: a star (as in sports or the movies) who is considered extremely talented, has great public appeal


Here at Restoration Advisers we get the opportunity to meet some incredible people, and from time to time the people also get to meet each other. 

Disaster Podcaster Season 2 Episode 6 is where 2 superstars meet and share their perspective on the industry, share their journey to leadership, and help the listeners understand and get a perspective that isn’t generally on podcasts! 


One industry

2 superstars

2 different journeys

One works in a family owned business

One has worked at multiple companies

One is a Triple Master

One has a lot of experience in fire restoration (and is a volunteer firefighter)

Both started at the bottom so to speak. 

Both are now in leadership roles

Both are dedicated to the restoration industry

Both are creating more leaders by leading well

Both Robert More, and Dylan Timmel will be on the Disaster Podcaster Season 2...

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Everyone is talking about it. What are you doing about fuel?


Everyone is talking about what to do about fuel. 

What are you doing in your company to compensate for the added cost?


Costs are up. 

Adjusters are still resisting invoices. 


So what will you do… what are you doing?

How can you run a profitable business with inflation, and rising fuel prices?


Was 10/10 good enough to cover fuel costs last year? Is it good enough to cover costs now? 

“Add a line item for fuel surcharge.”

That's what everyone is saying you should do. Even the mothership of Xactimate (Verisk) has empowered the contractors to bill for increased fuel cost. (Don't take our word for it.)

So Xactimate says its ok to bill... but we are getting feedback that adjusters are stalling. It seems to have caught a lot of adjusters off guard. They don’t have a copy & paste argument for that one… yet. 

But they will. They got knocked back on their laurels, but they work for massive...

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Voice of Restoration Nation - #1 Tip to hire someone

small business staffing Mar 22, 2022

 We asked “What is your #1 tip for trying to hire someone?” It could be a tip for recruiting, or the hiring process.

We polled Restoration Nation, and other business professionals on LinkedIn, to get some tips and tricks from those who are in the trenches so to speak. 

We got a variety of responses, but it was interesting to note some of the similarities.

Here are some of them.

  • Use the interview process to show them what working for you will look like (showing your values, communication skills, integrity, and respect for them/their time and efforts). - Saas Industry

  • I always found it helpful to have the applicant "ride-along" for a couple hours with a seasoned employee or myself so they can see what the job entails. Then bring them in for the interview immediately afterwards. This gives the applicant a real life view of "what they are getting into" and gives you and/or a trusted employee a look at how they interact and handle things in real life. Not all...
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Whats the biggest mistake you've made as a leader?

We polled some great restorers recently about the biggest mistakes they've made as leaders. 

The conversation was interesting. 

The most common response was keeping a bad employee. This is certainly understandable, especially given the current climate surrounding staffing. 

The second most common response was trusting your gut. Keeping a bad employee could certainly be part of trusting your gut, and if it were, then this would overwhelmingly be the leader. 

There is a great book on this subject. Its called "Blink: The power of thinking without thinking" by Malcolm Gladwell. Check it out in our Book Vault. 

We are human. 
We screw up. Some days it feels like we screw up a lot more than others
Most of us learn, and move on. 

But we all have that screw up that we may tell others later by starting the story with "there was this one time". 

We'd love to hear your story. 

Join Restoration Nation to share your story!


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ONE WORD that encapsulates Leadership

leadership Mar 08, 2022
For you, what's ONE WORD that you feel encapsulates leadership to you. 

A characteristic or trait. 

What is required to even wear the badge of being a leader?

To me?  There are so many, it's hard. 
But I think it's learnabilty (probably not a word)
Never ever allow your ego have you believe you can't learn more. 
Learn from junior people. 

What is yours?
Sound off in our exclusive community that we call Restoration Nation (Click Here). If you haven't registered yet, you can do so HERE

We polled some in our community, and this is what they said.


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We are testing out "Less is More" - What do you think?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2022

We are testing out the "Less is More" approach to blogging.

There is long form. 
And there is short form (as you will experience below)

What do you think?
Let us know which one you prefer in Restoration Nation!

A project is like a meal.
The steps are the ingredients.
The scope is the recipe.
The client is the guest.
You have to figure out if the client likes spicy, salty, tangy or just plain ole fried.
It's messy
But it's the work.
You get through it.
Make up some shit along the way,
People pop in and leave,
But at the end, you have a table laid out and you are excited for others to enjoy it.

Dinner is served.
It's profound. But true.
Does your company have a proven repeatable process? Is it binary... so that anyone could pickup the manual, read the SOP, and put the recipe together?
We believe every company can become this organized. In every part of your business.
We survive on referrals.
If you aren't the decision maker, or you aren't a restoration...
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The value of a bottle of water

A bottle of water at Costco is approximately $0.25.

The same bottle in the supermarket is worth about $0.50.

The same bottle in a bar costs $2.

In a good restaurant or hotel, it can be worth up to $3.

At an airport or on the plane, you may be charged $5.

The bottle and the brand is the same, the only thing that changes is the place.

Each place gives a different value to the same product.

When you feel like you are worth nothing and everyone around you belittles you, change places, do not stay there.

Have the courage to change places and go to a place where you are given the value you deserve.

Surround yourself with people who really appreciate your worth.

Don't settle for less.

- Anonymous

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