You Gotta Have FAITH

You Gotta Have FAITH

Go with us on a journey of a restorer who fired most of his team, and now is living the life of freedom that he designed... all in a relatively short amount of time!

Chapter 1 - Faithful
Chapter 2 - The Pivot
Chapter 3 - Big Moves
Chapter 4 - Culture Wins
Chapter 5 - Results Also Win

This blog is a detour of our normal content. But one that I think will deliver massive value. I love witnessing and celebrating the success of others. Especially when I was on the journey with them (for the wins and losses)


Let’s meet one of the main characters of this story. Nick Lambert owns and operates Faithful Restoration in Billings, Montana. He has built this full-service company with his wife Jennifer and a few key staff members that he would call family.
When we talk about Montana, it is important we not think of the popular TV show Yellowstone. While that stereotype can be found, it is not representative of the hard work ethic that most...

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The Problem with Working Managers

From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the creation of this article.)

Have you ever thought about  WORKING MANAGERS?


In most all trades, and ours not excluded, there is a need for managers, supervisors, and leads to help move projects along. Any owner or leader knows that delegating tasks to middle management is the key to growth and buying back your time. 


A major issue we see in this structure is twofold. 

  1. We elevate/ promote people without really providing them with the support, tools, and expectations of what they are in the new position to do.
    Read our blog about this particular topic
    Things Break In The Middle.
  2. The limitation on time between the two titles (working/ manager) causes a conflict and drives negative results. 
    In today’s blog, we want to open conversation so that we might be more intentional with these positions and ultimately create better managers and get incredible results. 



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