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8 Employee Behavior Types

management management training project management restoration business restoration coaching team building Feb 12, 2024

People are strange.


People are amazing and wonderful, yet, let's be honest we would be lying if we said they were always easy to work with.  

I am sure some have better skill in this area, but MANY don’t. We know this is true because more and more people are “quiet quitting” (some not so quiet).

In our experience on this big ball of rock and gases, we have learned about Eight (8) of the most common behavior types.

Browse through this list if you manage humans and see if you can put your staff in one of these categories.

It’s not a “label” but more of a personality and it might help you improve how you work with them and make their life (at work) more enjoyable.

  1. The Attacker:

    • Always disagrees with the manager and others in the organization

    • Might try to undermine management or a project

    • Moody

    • Hostile

  2. The Comic:

    • Thinks it is their job to entertain

    • Good on the team but needs control

    • Distracting

    • Often not trusted with serious matters

  3. The Deserter:

    • Mentally or physically leaves the team when needed

    • Stops Contributing in a meaningful way

    • Not Reliable

    • Back of the pack

  4. The Limelight Seeker: 

    • Takes undo credit

    • Seeks attention

    • Selfish

    • Promotes that they are crucial

  5. The Moonlighter: 

    • Treats job often as a secondary income

    • Detaches

    • Seasonally unreliable

    • Side Hustles

  6. The Not-My-Jobber:

    • Willing to do little to nothing beyond their job description

    • Seldom steps up

    • Found to do the minimum

    • Training is difficult possibly

    • Resented by others often

  7. The Bleeding Heart:

    • Feels they have given their heart to the company

    • Feels unrewarded

    • Often little to no life outside of the job

    • Not a great team player

  8. The Complainer:

    • Possibly unclear on their role

    • Not motivated

    • Possibly wrong seat

    • Could be the source of culture sour

    • Dangerous if not corrected- negativity spreads


There of course could be more but thats a good list to start with.  

You might ask “where are the POSITIVE People?”. We often find that those don’t need alot of your attention and are self-directed. These should also be the ones you are considering for promotions.


Our FREE resource: 5 Stages of Business System is designed to keep your team aligned regardless of behavior types.  

Get to know your team. Save who you can. Remove who you cannot (quick).


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