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Problem Solving 101 (3 min read)

blog shorts community employess leadership success Apr 18, 2023

Brought to you from the desk of Klark Brown (No AI was used in the creation of this blog)

Please share with your team and make sure all of you deploy this technique internally and externally.

Many years ago I decided to focus on helping people solve problems rather than helping solve people’s problems.

These suggestions are some approaches you should find effective:

  • Never allow others to think you always have the best answers
    • This will only make them dependent on you.
  • Ask questions. Help people to think through the entire process of their problem.
  • Become a coach, not a king.
    • A king only gives commands.


A coach brings out the best in others, helping them to reach deep down inside and discover their potential.

  • List their solutions on paper. Integrate your ideas with theirs until they have ownership of them.
  • Ask them to decide on the best solution to their problem.
  • Develop a game plan.
    • Ask them to take ownership and responsibility for the game plan.
  • Let them set up a time frame and an accountability process.


The goal should be that when the meeting is over, the other person has processed the problem, selected a solution, developed a game plan, and taken ownership of it.

His or her relationship with you will not be a dependent one but a deepening one.

Good Luck

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