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Lets Talk Growth

business self success Apr 11, 2023

Brought to you from the desk of Klark Brown (No AI was used in the creation of this blog) 

This is probably more relevant to business but it doesn't take much creativity to relate it to personal growth.

I was in a discussion with a few people. A mixed group of people from employees to a founder of a large company. Really large

And growth was a topic. The competition was also mentioned as if they were connected.

I know some people think that way and competition exists.

This conversation reminds me of the book and lecture by Simon Sineck-The Infinite Game.

Read it. You will understand.

When we think of pressure to GROW, it's often an arbitrary and imaginary pressure from competition and others.

Did anyone challenge you, really? Or did you manifest it yourself?

It really is You Vs You.

Simon talks about finite Vs infinite.

When we talk about being "The Best" that makes me cringe. Because it's ego.

What does it mean to be the BEST?

At everything? Some things?

Of all time or between a certain set of dates? So when is that?

A FINITE mind tells you that we have a set amount of time and set rules. You have X time to win. Win what? The most money? Then what?

Infinite is the shift of people that play to keep the game going. For innovation, collaboration, personal and professional milestones to allow for more milestones. To climb higher, further, and do new things, meet new people.

Growth isn't from the pressure of competition, it's about opportunities. The potential that visionaries see before them.

You won't be the best.

Best in my trade. In my county/ city.

Best score that I made up.

I'm the best 2 million a year company.

So what. There are 660 million companies a year.

Are they the best?

The best is when you do your best. Leave nothing in the tank and do what others won't.

I'm in the business coaching and mentoring space. Where most don't think they need a coach.

But there are many of us.

All good at different things.

Not my competitors. My collaborators.

If I can't help someone, maybe they can.

If I want that person to get good advice, wouldn't I refer them to a better option?

Growth isn't more revenue.

Maybe it's the ability to lead others. Help build new leaders to expand that way.

Maybe it's to have more influence on industry advocacy?

I watch people grind. Work hard. Sometimes forsaking family and self, to build as if next year is too long. Too far away.

A legacy is a life man. It's set when you are done.

And you are done when you are done.

So grow. But grow for you and ask yourself if you should grow north/ south or east/ west.



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