ChatGPT Conversation about Restorers and Insurance Companies

From The Desk of Toby Clem (No AI tools were used to write this piece, but we did have a good conversation) 


AI is part of our future. As individuals. As business people. As companies. As a society. 

I thought it would be interesting to hear from ChatGPT about what it meant to run an efficient restoration business. 

It was certainly interesting. And it prompted some questions that I have never hesitated to ask a human, so I certainly challenged the artificial intelligence machine.

Here is how it went. 

Word for word. 


Running an efficient mitigation business is crucial to ensure that your clients receive the best service possible. Whether you are dealing with water damage, fire damage, or mold remediation, the following tips will help you streamline your business operations and provide top-notch service.

  1. Invest in training and certification for your team: Make sure that your team members are properly trained and certified in their respective...
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Changes- Music Series Pt. 3

blog shorts company Feb 07, 2023
By Klark Brown  (no AI used in this writing)

Changes - The Only Constant

In life, in business, and in the world, the one constant is change. 

One could say that that change direction has picked up ALOT of wind in the sales and is occurring in bigger strides and in a much faster pace.

Bowie was clearly speaking from a creative position in this particular song from his Honky Dory album in 1971. This was certainly a time in music and in the world where we were coming out of the Woodstock era and people were looking to say new things.

If you do not know or study Bowie, he was a true visionary in the realm of entertainers reinventing himself.
This was surely partly artistic expression, but it was also a new world that HE was creating. Not trying to live within the confines of what others said you are supposed to be and how you do things. He was punk, he was a REBEL. 


As a business owner and entrepreneur, I can certainly resonate with this (sans...

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Professional Series Part 3 - Being Structured

Professional Series Part 3 - Being Structured

We are in our series on professional companies and professional people in the restoration industry. 

If you missed the first 2 parts, you can find the blogs here:
Part 1 - Technically Qualified Blog 

Part 2 - Leadership & Culture Blog 

The Podcast here:
Part 1 - Technically Qualified Podcast or YouTube

Part 2 - Leadership & Culture Podcast or YouTube


This is the third part of this series and I'm excited about this one because this is more in the lane of what I have spent my career doing and coaching. 

And that's being structured. 

Having an organized, responsible systems and process-oriented company.

Just because we're a small business, it doesn't mean we have to run like a small business. It's okay for a small business to have a big corporate structure and you can find that in a lot of different ways. 

I think it's easier to become a larger company when you have scalable  systems....

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