Changes- Music Series Pt. 3

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By Klark Brown  (no AI used in this writing)

Changes - The Only Constant

In life, in business, and in the world, the one constant is change. 

One could say that that change direction has picked up ALOT of wind in the sales and is occurring in bigger strides and in a much faster pace.

Bowie was clearly speaking from a creative position in this particular song from his Honky Dory album in 1971. This was certainly a time in music and in the world where we were coming out of the Woodstock era and people were looking to say new things.

If you do not know or study Bowie, he was a true visionary in the realm of entertainers reinventing himself.
This was surely partly artistic expression, but it was also a new world that HE was creating. Not trying to live within the confines of what others said you are supposed to be and how you do things. He was punk, he was a REBEL. 


As a business owner and entrepreneur, I can certainly resonate with this (sans makeup and wearing dresses on stage).

You need to do the same. Don’t forget that YOU own your business and one of the strongest characteristics you need are adversity, adaptation, and the spine to change before you are stuck with the pain of being left behind.

You also need to be seeing things BEFORE they change. Balance your time-consuming articles, books, podcasts, etc to make sure you are in the know.

OSHA and EPA Changes

The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015 requires federal agencies to adjust their maximum fees for violations to stay commensurate with the cost of living.

The most recent announcements of increase mark the largest since the Act was started. A staggering 6.2% over last year.


Some may simply surmise that the increase matches the rest of society responding to inflation and the cost of living. It’s more bloating.

What Does This Have To Do With Me?


Most contractors are woefully unaware of just how much exposure they have to OSHA compliance issues.

Safety is a HUGE part of my background and experience in Commercial and Large Loss Recovery. I also do safety audits for clients.

CATx is our soon-to-be starting consultancy for commercial and large loss divisions in small to medium companies.
The full realm of compliance (even for your small company) is overwhelming. It’s a lifetime growth commitment.

Outline of New Changes

It’s always important to remember this MAJOR tip.

OSHA is an agency to help with education as well. They would rather not issue penalties, because that would mean people are at risk.

My approach has always been that they are consultants first, and enforcement only after compliance is ignored.

So get to know your local OSHA staff, invite them to speak at meetings, and bring them to a job.
You also need to understand that OSHA 100% has jurisdiction over your safety on residential jobs. 


OSHA issues citations on a PER VIOLATION instance, whereas EPA will often apply a DAILY 

This Affects ALL OF US

These recent increases affect our company, our community, and our staff.
OSHA and EPA are not bad guys. I am truly afraid of where we would be without them.

Compliance begins now and it is simple. It is also FREE (except for certification classes). 

Visit for a lifetime of FREE RESOURCES. 


David Bowie had a VERY strong and influential career by being not only a trailblazer but knowing where the next hit was going to be before it was too late.

Your company could be the same way. 

If you would like to discuss safety compliance or any other topic on how to grow and improve your restoration company, feel free to reach out to us.


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