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Best Job I Ever Had

community self Mar 14, 2023

Best Job I Ever Had

You get to choose

From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI tools were used to write this piece)


Sometimes the smallest things give you the biggest ideas. Or they give you a laugh or smile at exactly the moments you need them. 

Will Dunn is a close friend and former employee of mine that lives in the NE suburbs of Atlanta, Ga.

Will has served in the military with several tours in BAD places. He has seen some things.
He was also a police officer for many years. 

Will showed a desire to learn about the disaster recovery industry. I hired, trained, and mentored him.

Will randomly sent me a text one day from Arizona or somewhere he was on a project.
“Best Job I Ever Had”. That’s it. That's all it said.
If I were not such a huge movie fan, I may have taken that in any number of ways.

Brad Pit, Jon Bernthal, and others starred in a movie named [FURY]. 

A hard-hitting group of a tank battalion is pushing through Nazi Germany in WW2.
We can only imagine how many opportunities to realize that that sucked there are.
The small group of five adopted this phrase when things were extraordinarily hairy.
One of those laughs to keep from crying.
To this day when things are challenging when the day just keeps punching us….Will and I will exchange this phrase and sometimes simply that gif.


I think we can all agree that our beloved industry has developed a whole lot of F THAT days.
Things out of our control slow us down, disrupting our businesses and driving a wedge between our clients and our company.
We have discussed that to no end and do not need to explain.

So I have always found that developing a set of tools that help (or hack) your brain to get back on track, remember what you are trying to do,, and execute. 
This saying has become just the sarcastic and satirical tool for me (and Will) to do just that.

There are far more people NOT that currently have the opportunities we have, the potentials we are afforded and the availability of information at our fingertips.
We could be in a society or culture where we work long hard days in something that we are not passionate about and something that we do not see a long term vision where our family has a remarkable chance to live a very fulfilling life.

So maybe, when CAT THREE REALLY HITS THE OSCILLATING DEVICE, we can use a small phrase, quote or any form of diversion to remind us that these are often simply one of a million small papercuts that heal quickly. Move forward. Proceed. Execute. 
Thanks for the life-changing hack Will. 

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