Tune in Fridays at 10 am EST for a real and raw discussion on property restoration topics that vary from best practices, stories, guests, and industry trends. 

I didn't know Walleye had fingers!

We finish up our inaugural season with EP 25 talking about a restoration project at a power plant that caught fire in a small town in MN. 

One of the guys on the job was a brilliant guy... that was a little slow sometimes. He didn't realize that Walleye fish had fingers. You have to listen to EP 25 to figure out (in the words of Paul Harvey)... The Rest Of the Story.


Billing your clients direct with LIVE Callers

We took a discussion in one of the industry Facebook groups and unpacked it a little. 

It was about billing clients (insured) directly, and not negotiating with adjusters and/or carriers.  
We spiced things up a little bit and had live call-ins from folks that had some thoughts on the subject.
Just like old-school talk shows!
This one is a lot of FUN!  

Kevin Dooley with Kahi

We take a few minutes to learn more about Kevin Dooley with Kahi. We've talked about Kahi for several weeks now, and we thought it would be fun to bring the mind behind Kahi onto the podcast to discuss his roots, his experience, and the reason for his pursuit of technology within the restoration industry!
Contact Kahi for a FREE demo.


Margin and Markup - Know your numbers

Today we talk about the subject that is often overlooked. Markup and Margin. Knowing your numbers. This is about as critical a business topic as you can think. The restoration industry is plagued by the idea that restoration companies are just being greedy when they bill for O&P (Overhead and Profit). That is usually driven by the opposing party, the carrier. We are here to tell you that it is absolutely essential for the health and wellbeing of your company. 

Asbestos in Restoration

Asbestos is a very HUGE issue in the work we do and we see VERY often so many misunderstandings and myths surrounding its hazards.

We wanted to have a clear and direct conversation about this and include some links and resources for your team to begin to build a real system around this extremely important topic.

Reets Team visit with Disaster Podcaster

If you know the great group over at Reets, you know that besides providing some of the most dynamic and engaging education, they have a great time doing it. As Merideth states in this event...it's CULTURE Toby and I want to thank each and every member that shared their valuable time with us. We hope this short time we spend gives you a brief insight into how powerful not only certification and education are to your business, but not all academies are created equal.    

Chris Laney in the HOUSE

This week's podcast was super fun. Toby and I had a blast talking with Chris for a while.  It felt like we were just hanging out on a job site. Chris Laney and I were on a call last week and just discussing all kinds of industry topics, and I said wait... let's do this in a podcast. 

So that's what this is. Just some random shit that lands in our heads.

I Got 99 Problems and Staffing Is One

Tune in to episode #18 As the poetic Jay Z would say, we have 99 problems and staffing is one. In all seriousness, we do a somewhat deep dive into some actionable ideas on how to handle this epidemic-level situation. Additionally, we announced our new sponsor for the podcast, kahi. Kahi is an incredible asset and fleet automation tracking app and software.

Plumbers, Labor Culture and a HUGE SPECIAL SURPRISE

Welcome to our fun podcast today. This is audio only (no video). We talk about a very incredible and unique plumber interaction. While I feel a strong relationship with referral partners, I am not the PLUMBER GUY. That's someone else. But I do strongly advocate partnerships. You will love this story. Toby and discuss some labor shortage topics,..

New Format & Purple Cow

This episode marks the launch of our new fun format for Disaster Podcaster. In short, we will now be more conversation and topical, some guests and generally a more relaxed but relatable event. Besides audio only for the podcast, we will be live streaming to our FB and YT channels. Links below for those. We will be able to make comments in real-time and address them if possible. Then in the coming weeks, we will be publishing a live call-in number to take live callers.

The Incredible opportunity we all have with InstaScope by DetectionTek

What a great episode we have for. We are joined by Sully Cohen with DetectionTek, the makers of The InstaScope. The InstaScope is a technology breakthrough that can assist in mold detection in REAL-TIME. In today's market and environment, the public has an expectation of NOW. That isn't possible for all things....but it now is for IAQ with the InstaScope.

Michelle Blevins-C&R Magazine

We had a great time (and learned ALOT) speaking with the incredible Michelle Blevins. Michelle is now the Publisher and OWNER of C&R Magazine. The restoration/ disaster/ cleaning industries oldest publication. Michelle has her finger strategically on the pulse of this industry and the endless connections to truly help us all learn more, keep updated and grow our businesses and professionalism.

Alena Wilson- XM8 Mastery

Alena shared some really great time with us on the podcast today. Understanding and having a great education around Xactimate is imperative to being successful in being profitable and efficient in dealing with insurance claims. Alena is an amazing resource for education and information.

Andy Michels LIVE !!!

Our industry is full of really great people and today I want to introduce you to one of them. Andy Michels is a super IN DEMAND custom home builder north of St. Paul Minnesota. Today we discuss his business, some customer service tricks, COVID's effects, family and circuit snowmobile racing. Andy is a long time member of The Alliance of Independent Restorers because community and fellowship is the principle of his family's business.

Podcasting from a FIREHOSE !

After a little over a month's hiatus to work on some business structure, we are back and in full swing. We have a few weeks or maybe a few months of content and guests lined up, so expect some incredible things in the coming weeks. On today's podcast, we really just had a brain dump on multiple topics.

Cali Expert Syndicate !!

We have a really great collection of Restoration Experts on this week's episode. I was joined by 3 of California's FINEST. Robert Hidajat with Blue Van Restoration @bluevanrestoration Adam Redhead. Owner of Restoration Hero's @restorationheroes Stewart Barrios-Project Manager with Allied Restoration @alliedrestoration

Catching up with a STELLAR Group

This week we finally had a long-overdue call with some very good friends and colleagues that I have watched create business-changing results for many restoration specialists. Stellar eMarketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in Restoration. Jon Grubb and I had a chance to have a chat with the always fun duo of Dan York and Shana Randall about digital marketing, especially during and POST COVID-19.

PLEASE....Don't Mess with TEXAS

Texas and some surrounding states have encountered a completely disastrous and unprecedented event. States that are not prepared or accustomed to sub-freezing temperatures for more than a day or two dipped into single digits and below for days during Winter Storm Uri. The disastrous thing is it impacted all major cities and caused plumbing failures from frozen and burst pipes. Loss of power and potable water for days caused most businesses and resources to be halted.

55% is a speed limit, not a success rate !!

We have a really good one this week. If you are in the contracting world, it's likely you have heard of Steve Patrick. Among his many teaching platforms, he is the co-founder of Level the Playing Field on Facebook. Over 13k members and growing.

Stories from the BP Oil Spill- Tiger Boom ?!?!

Today we share just a fraction of the stories from this incredible event. 100million + project and it had its share of incidents I’ll tell grandkids one day

No one can take your CULTURE away !!!

Culture is that thing we ALL want to know exists....but it just doesn't seem to show up. We spend a little time with Nick Lambert with Faithful Disaster Restoration in Billings Montana. After being in business for 15+ years, watching your sales decline, and having to hit the RESET seems like the LAST thing you would have the stomach for. But this is exactly what Nick had to do.

Would you need a whole brain, or a half ?!?!?!?

Here we have our newest episode and our FIRST guest. We do an industry talk with Rachel Adams-Beja on MOLD, COVID's damage to our frequent flier status, and some really interesting updates. And of course a few hilarious shenanigan stories. We hope you enjoy and share with your friends and colleagues.

BONUS There is no such thing as an INSURANCE project !!

That's right, you read that right. Listen to this bonus segment where we talk about the NEW successful and profitable way everyone should be operating. We do not have insurance jobs. We have client jobs and will treat them all the same way. We open with getting your ENERGY up to stack the WINS in this industry.

Restoration is one helluva community !!

Say what you will, but from where I sit and see....we have a huge ocean of warm, caring, and professional specialists operating here! We jostled around a ton of topics and stories to make up our FIRST podcast, but we simply decided the world needed to be reminded that all is not lost and that the "Sun is always shining, it just sometimes behind rain clouds" Cheers and we hope you stick around.