EP 8 PLEASE....Don't Mess with TEXAS

Season #1 Episode #8

Texas and some surrounding states have encountered a completely disastrous and unprecedented event. States that are not prepared or accustomed to sub-freezing temperatures for more than a day or two dipped into single digits and below for days during Winter Storm Uri. The disastrous thing is it impacted all major cities and caused plumbing failures from frozen and burst pipes. Loss of power and potable water for days caused most businesses and resources to be halted. The result is what is being predicted to financially, the LARGEST single event in US history. This means surpassing Katrina in 2005. This volume creates a supply issue with the right contractors to handle the right sequence of mitigation. Russ Wilson with Suncoast Claims is a very highly respected firm of Public Adjusters with a reputation for protecting the insured. Today we discuss the terrible potential of the anxious contractors to grab work and get projects contracted to skip the importance of proper drying and dehumidification. We discuss ways we would see GC's and Water Mitigation Specialists form partnerships. Being a Co-Founder of The Alliance of Independent Restorers, we have a huge opportunity to make those introductions and help be a liaison for these parties to get the homeowners and business back into what would be considered a normal mode. We need to act swiftly to avoid the shrinking window of severe mold colonization. Enjoy and please share with your colleagues and across your social media channels.  JOIN our AIR Alliance to be part of helping Texas recover !! https://airestore.org/

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