EP. 15- The Incredible opportunity we all have with InstaScope by DetectionTek

Season #1 Episode #15

What a great episode we have for. We are joined by Sully Cohen with DetectionTek, the makers of The InstaScope. 

The InstaScope is a technology breakthrough that can assist in mold detection in REAL-TIME. In today's market and environment, the public has an expectation of NOW. That isn't possible for all things....but it now is for IAQ with the InstaScope. 

To be clear, this IS NOT a paid commercial or advertisement for this product. But it is something that is near and dear to our hearts at Restoration Advisers. We want the absolute best tools we can source to provide exposure to the industry so we can better evolve and not be dinosaurs.

Shannon Luce owns Luce Indoor Air Quality with her husband, David Luce. Both are absolutely dedicated to this industry and providing nothing but the best education and support possible. Their firm in Jacksonville serves the northern Florida and Southern Georgia markets.
They own and use several InstaScopes daily as another tool to better identify and assess indoor air so people can be healthier.

I encourage you to enjoy this interview and see if you to can peel your mind away from the "Way We Have Always Done It" to be part of the future and meet the clients where they are.

You can find more information here:


Luce Indoor Air Quality:



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