S2:E6 NEXT GEN Superstars!

Season #2

Robert Moré and Dylan Timmel joined me (Toby Clem) on Disaster Podcaster to discuss "The next generation of SUPERSTARS"!

This is a rerun of the live show. We had some technical difficulties with the sound so we have eliminated those to give you a better listening experience!


We are all very excited. They both have unique backgrounds (one family business, one has seen several companies) in the industry, and have a TON of technical knowledge.

They are both stepping into leadership roles and taking ownership of creating the next generation of superstars in the industry! I can't wait!

We will be taking live call ins! 833-262-2410. Get their unique perspective on how they came up through the industry. How they learned. How they teach. Technical questions are welcome... and encouraged!


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