EP:20 Reets Team visit with Disaster Podcaster

Season #1

If you know the great group over at Reets, you know that besides providing some of the most dynamic and engaging education, they have a great time doing it. As Merideth states in this event...it's CULTURE Toby and I want to thank each and every member that shared their valuable time with us. We hope this short time we spend gives you a brief insight into how powerful not only certification and education are to your business, but not all academies are created equal. We also want to strongly encourage you to check out Reet's TV. We here at Restoration Advisers are subscribers and have found it incredibly useful in our coaching business with restorers. Links for everything will be listed in the bottom session.   As always, we hope you enjoy it.   

  • We want to thank our incredible sponsor- Kahi Asset Management Software Kahi Homepage https://kahi.io/


  • Visit Reets Drying Academy for the huge schedule of both Live (In-Person) and Virtual Classes. Both restoration technical certifications as well as a strong Xactimate class taught by Nick Sharp. You will find something here for all your training needs. https://reetsdryingacademy.com/
  • Contact Rebekah Beilan to get an intuitive demonstration of Reets TV; https://reetsdryingacademy.com/tag/reets-tv/

Thanks for tuning into our podcast. If you enjoyed this one, we think you will find many of our past episodes equally as entertaining. They can be found here: https://www.restorationadvisers.com/podcasts/disaster-podcaster-2https://www.restorationadvisers.com/podcasts/disaster-podcaster-2  



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