EP 21 Asbestos in Restoration

Season #1

In today's episode, we shift to a little more of an educational format. But one I feel everyone will get a lot of value from.

Asbestos is a very HUGE issue in the work we do and we see VERY often so many misunderstandings and myths surrounding its hazards.

We wanted to have a clear and direct conversation about this and include some links and resources for your team to begin to build a real system around this extremely important topic.

Thanks to our sponsor https://kahi.io/.
Kahi provides an incredible service of hardware and software that help you and your team make more profit by tracking and maximizing the use of your assets. This automated system has some incredibly efficient and powerful tools for your equipment, fleet, and even personnel.

-EPA- Clean Air Act link https://www.epa.gov/clean-air-act-overview

-Free Download of the OSHA 2254 Training Requirements +A Sample JHA https://www.restorationadvisers.com/OSHA_guide

-OSHA Due Diligence Clause https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/oshact/section5-duties

We hope these assets and training help.

If you are looking to make running your restoration company simpler, better, and more profitable, contact us for a quick call. www.restorationadvisers.com

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