S2:E2 Carriers say the darndest things

Season #2

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Season 2: Episode 02:

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In this episode, we dig into a topic that affects almost anyone that may be listening to or watching this. Insurance companies and their lackeys interfering with you and the excellent service you are providing to your mutual client.

Let me offer you this free letter template on what we call (click here) Permission to stop talking to TPA's

The sheer and almost appalling comedy of what we often hear or see in emails.

I discuss the overwhelming success I have had and taught to contractors all but ignoring the carriers. They only want one thing (slash your invoice). And if you are not willing to appease that one thing, there really isn't anything to discuss.

But here is the rub. We feel an almost overwhelming need to FIGHT FOR our client.

We discuss this dynamic and its recurring results.

You should check out this book Never Split The Difference: Chris Voss

As a grand finale, we did a screen share of an actual email chain of the most incredibly undereducated stance (and illegal) we have seen in 2022.

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