Disaster Podcaster- Plumbers, Labor Culture and a HUGE SPECIAL SURPRISE

Season #1 Episode #17

Welcome to our fun podcast today. This is audio only (no video).

We talk about a very incredible and unique plumber interaction. While I feel a strong relationship with referral partners, I am not the PLUMBER GUY. That's someone else. 

But I do strongly advocate partnerships. You will love this story. 

Toby and discuss some labor shortage topics, the idea of ANTI-FRAGILE in marketing, and some customer experiences we recently had that only remind us of the thought that everything circles around the client's perception of the service. It is CRITICAL.

Then we close out a big reveal on something we are working on with The Alliance of Independent Restorers that will quickly promote this industry that we love so much. Add legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of the Dept of Labor and Trade Industry.
Super Exciting and it will benefit EVERYONE.

We hope you enjoy the episode and we will be back next week with the full video/ live episode. Check out all our past episodes:


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