EP 19: Chris Laney in the HOUSE

Season #1


This week's podcast was super fun. Toby and I had a blast talking with Chris for a while. 

It felt like we were just hanging out on a job site.

Chris Laney and I were on a call last week and just discussing all kinds of industry topics, and I said wait... let's do this in a podcast.

So that's what this is.

Just some random shit that lands in our heads.


We discuss:


*Where we met and where we have been, and finally where we hope to be going. 

*The harm that TPA's and Managed Care Programs do to our industry and to the insured.

*Chris's early career as a carpet tech and spending so much time with the incredible Kurt Bolden at HydroLab. 

*Chris current love for teaching and being an instructor at Dewald Drying Academy with Chuck Dewald III and team. 

*Business patience. Success takes a long time. 

*Marketing Tactics- Relationships, SEO, etc. 

*The incredible advantage of becoming a BUSINESS besides just being a contractor. Know your numbers and how to lead a company. 

*The round-robin cycle of some relationships bringing Chris where he is today with education opportunities. 

*I slip up and mention a classified project (had to cover the name of it)

*DIscussing Complex and Large Losses. This includes favorite challenging jobs, the resources you need to even manage jobs of large sizes. 

We want to thank our incredible sponsor- Kahi Asset Management Software

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Thanks for tuning into our podcast.

Thanks to Toby and Chris.

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