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4 Restoration Business Personalities - The Champion

leadership management training restoration business small business Aug 01, 2023

Identifying the 4 Personality Types on a Team in the Restoration Industry - 

#4 The Champion

From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the writing of this article)

Join us along this ride as we help bring you insights into a better understanding of the different personality types that you may have on your team. But more importantly, maybe you can better put your team in the right place ON the team or better recruit the All-Stars that will help you rocket to success. This is part of our series around PEOPLE. Culture, investing, and growing people to help leaders buy back their time to do the best work that creates profit and FIRES THEM UP. Enjoy and share with a friend if you think they might improve from it.





The Champion

Now that you already have the Leader, Task Managers and Abstract Thinkers, you need a little balance on the team.
The Champion – or Mentor – often stays out of the limelight. However, they will have your back on any project or idea. 

Spotting the Champion

I might argue that The Champion Personality might be one of the easiest to spot. If you cannot spot them, they will show up anyway!

This is the Cheerleader!

A Champion is focused on results, the people, and winning. 
Your Champion will generally fit in across many departments and brings energy and reminds people that life is good and that the company is great, even when days are hard.
Certain personality types (reserved and critical) might conflict with these personalities.
In the DISC personality profile matrix, these are your I (Inspiring) and D (dominate) types.

If you want to check everyone on your team, use this link[ get your DISC assessments here]. This exercise can be fun if it is done the right way.

Common Confusion

It isn’t hard to imagine that A Champion can be labeled as fake. Their energy will perplex others that do not understand people well.

They also are often portrayed as “kiss asses”.

Some think that these personalities cannot be strong in completing tasks (and that can be the distance ont he scale), but they generally want to complete and win.  

Champions Hiding Inside Your Company

Who is the mentor?
Who lifts spirits up for others?

Champions don’t normally hide unless they are not involved in a good culture that encourages them.

They are also quick to leave. They don’t tolerate environments that don’t allow them to mentor and champion others. 

Key Indicators for Champions Potentials

Your Champions are a secret weapon for leaders that thrive with encouragement. You don’t need someone to applaud everything. You need objectivity to keep authenticity and trust. 

Some of the best Champions and mentors have the following skills or traits:

  • Active listening skills
  • Feedback capabilities
  • Willingness to connect
  • Positive outlook
  • Industry experience


Cons of not having a Strong Champion Personality

Without one or a few champions, the leader or visionary will carry the burden by themselves to keep everyone motivated.

As your divisions grow and you incorporate more teammates, you will see a stall in forward momentum because the energy it takes to fire people up can be exhausting.

Without Champions, you have talents not being encouraged and success not celebrated, causing a decline in culture.  

Pros of The Champion Personality

Having a Champion Personality in your organization is INFECTIOUS.

Champions act as mentors and develop new leaders through patient and encouraging training and evaluation.

If you empower and foster your champions, they can free up leadership to work on more things that will create future opportunities.

Champions are generally in management and training positions. They love to see transformations. They also favor people that take action, which helps the entire company as well. 



Give your Champions a stage, a microphone, and make sure they are aligned with roles and accountabilities. Urge your Champions to not burn people out with unrealistic expectations.

Be a champion for YOUR CHAMPIONS!


Closing Out This Series

We hope you have gained real insight into these personalities and then of course realize how important it is to possess team members from all groups to truly have a strong and thriving environment.
Let us know which you have or the ones you don’t.
There are of course thousands more sub-personalties, but these encompass the major groups, and feel if you start here, you will be ahead of the game and definitely, your competition.

You will be in what I call the 8%

Thank you for sharing the last month with us. Stay tuned for the next series!

Next Steps To Success


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