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Restoration Business Personalities - The Leader

junior leaders leadership restoration business restoration team team building Jul 11, 2023

From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the writing of this article)

Restoration Team Personalities

Join us along this ride as we help bring you insights to get a better understanding of the  personality types that may be on your team.

More importantly, maybe you can put your team in the right place ON the team or recruit the All-Stars that will help you rocket to success.

This is part of our series around PEOPLE. Culture, investing, and growing people to help leaders buy back their time to do the best work that creates profit and FIRES THEM UP.





The Leader

Let’s start this particular conversation with all agreeing that you don’t need to wear a suit, drive a Ford F-250 or work in a fancy oak-filled office to be a Leader.  When we all change our outlook on what a leader is and what the characteristics that a leader may possess are, we can begin to see that we likely have several on our team. And we certainly start to see a path of how we can take those with potential into the leadership world. It’s a great place to live.

But it takes ALOT of work. 

A leader is simply someone that has a great understanding of who they are and what they are passionate about. Pair that with a team or organization that aligns with those and you have the ingredients to make a great leader.

Now we need the recipe. 

A leader can be anywhere in the organization. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to have a real leader in all divisions or departments.
One that puts others ahead of themselves. Someone that is not afraid to take calculated risks and be out front, breaking through the wall first, even knowing they might be the bloodiest.

Spotting the Leader

Are you looking for a leader among your employees? Just take a look around. Is there someone that everyone turns towards during a meeting? That person might not say much, but they are quietly leading by example.

Remember that the leader doesn’t necessarily mean the most vocal person in the room. The best leaders often extrude quiet confidence that motivates others to be at their best.

 “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader; a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” Eleanor Roosevelt, diplomat and activist

 You want this type of confidence in your leaders and staff. When the leader is allowed to command the room, the rest will happily follow behind them.


Check out this great video by Simon Sinek that I share ALL THE TIME:



Common Confusion for Restoration Professionals

Many people confuse leadership with management. However, while both terms are used interchangeably, that is not always the case. Those leadership traits can extend beyond any managerial duties of the employee.
A manager might inspire those people operating under them to work harder, while a leader inspires their fellow employees to push forward. Along with that, most leaders use innovation and strong processes  to spark their peers and their productivity. 

 It has nothing to do with pay, education level, gender, or technical knowledge.
It’s a selfless mindset that recognizes that a team is stronger than an individual. Someone that knows it they help everyone else get what they want, they will have all the need as well.

It is incredibly common that we think someone has to be loud, vocal, and good at speaking publicly.
While a few of those might contribute to strong leadership, they are not required.

Introverts make some of the greatest leaders. This often means they are without egos and don’t make it about them. 


Leaders Hiding Inside Your Restoration Company

It may be VERY likely that you have a few people on your team that possess leadership skills. It is common that we often hire people that don’t KNOW they have such superpowers and they are hired for roles where these are not used or exposed as often. 

Your job as the owner or Management Team is to look for tell-tell signs of potential and focus on bringing it out and developing it.
Think of a garden. Beautiful and delicious fruits or vegetables will never grow without tending to with water and care. You have to do your part to identify qualities, then help turn that into something that can help you remove a hat (or 3) and do more important impactful things.

We will all agree that while leadership qualities are rare, we could use more of them in our company. 


Key Indicators for Restoration Leadership Potentials

If you are searching for a leader for your business, just look around. Some of those traits that can help distinguish a leader from a follower in your group include the following:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Long-term thinking
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Confident
  • Self-motivated
  • Emotionally stable
  • People-oriented

However, some leaders are not born with these qualities; they often acquire them after years of hard work. Along with inspiring the staff, a leader must solve these problems with your business.

You can use a solid leader to your advantage. The ideal leader helps your company be more productive. We may say that some do not want to be productive. Those are the people you should be looking to replace ASAP. 

These individuals are also always there to dole out advice and wisdom to other members of the team.

A good leader wants to motivate others to attain your company’s objectives and goals. These individuals must be willing and able to adapt to any type of circumstance. In other words, the leader should be a good decision-maker, team builder, and communication expert. When you have this person in your business, you can reach your goals and succeed as a thriving business.

Restoration Companies that have several with strong leadership have a wonderful opportunity to make the mission of the company simple and even fun.

Leaders help maintain: 

  • Being completely standards compliant
  • Maintaining a clean and impressive operation
  • Safety Culture
  • Accountable Staff
  • Customer Centric
  • Profitability

I feel we could all envision what this would look like for us. Think of the freedom to do what you love the most could create. .


Cons of not having a Strong Leader Personality in a Restoration Business

If you continue to tell yourself that “there aren’t any good people out there that want to work” , you might end up having results that make that seem true.
Companies that do not put an emphasis on evaluation and promotion by building leaders will hit that ever-fearful ceiling and create a cycle of burnout for the owners.
Unrealized potential sucks all your energy.

Risk and Faith have a large part of this as well. You have to be willing to trust others and delegate.
Restoration company owners generally tell themselves the LIE that no one can do what they do.
If that was true… did you get where you were?

Can you find anyone like you? I think you can. 


Pros of Strong Leader Personality

Among the many benefits of having one or several with the leadership personality would be having an incredible culture, people you don’t always have to manage, advocates that align with your company goals, and those that take ownership and have no issue being held accountable.

Here at Restoration Advisers, we have coached more clients than we can count (nah, I could name them all) that have evolved and shifted their thinking about what their own roles are in the organization and built a company that they literally only dreamt of.
A company where their team literally looks forward to coming to work. A company that can say no to the wrong opportunities and can wait for the ideal clients, which improves energy and cash flow.  

A company of their dreams with the people they love building it with. 


If you are looking to build, grow and scale a remarkable service company, then you are going to need to find and develop a leader personality inside the organization. If you do not have this currently, I think you just discovered your next hire.
If you want to build a business that does not rely on you serving all departments and aspects of the company, then you are going to need people you can delegate the parts of your mission they would champion.
Having Leader Personality’s is important. Having multiple is even better. 


Next Steps To Success

Make sure you keep an eye out over the next 3 weeks to read and learn about the other Personality Types you might have and need to grow a healthy and strong business. 
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