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Restoration Business Personalities - The Abstract Thinker

Jul 25, 2023

 From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the writing of this article)

Restoration Team Personalities

Join us along this ride as we help bring you insights into a better understanding of the different personality types that you may have on your team.

But more importantly, maybe you can better put your team in the right place ON the team or better recruit the All-Stars that will help you rocket to success.

This is part of our series around PEOPLE. Culture, investing, and growing people to help leaders buy back their time to do the best work that creates profit and FIRES THEM UP.






Identifying the 4 Personality Types on a Restoration Team

#3 The Abstract Thinking

From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the writing of this article)


Spotting the Abstract Thinker

The Abstract Thinker Personality might be one of the most difficult to spot and use to your advantage.
This personality type can often seem like a serious contrarian. A culture that does not foster and welcome objective criticism or discernment will often discredit and abstract thinker as being the “Devil’s Advocate”.
I believe that this makes up the largest part of personalities. But many never truly craft this skill as they choose to not use the logic and balance to speak up about their views. Being met with management resentment will cause this person to suppress their thoughts and simply exist with the status quo.
If you have smart people on your team that think (and often speak) freely, they may be your abstract thinker.
Outside of your organization, you may have a friend or a colleague that you like to “bounce ideas off of” and get honest feedback.
I would challenge you that there may be that person inside your organization and on your team just waiting to be given the confidence and permission to use their life and career experiences to help make sure the company continues in the right direction.
In the DISC personality profile matrix, these are often your C (cautious) and D (dominate) types.
[Get your DISC assessments here]
They will lean heavier into the Cautious category and choose to be more submissive because they have not been openly invited to share their views.


Common Confusion

This characteristic can be confused with obstructive and argumentative. But if they are truly aligned and buy into the Mission and your destination, they have a desire to use their ideas to contribute.
This trait gets a bad reputation. Without someone who can make an objective opinion, you could risk missing out on those other opportunities or make big mistakes with the direction of your company. Don’t think of these individuals as those who shout down ideas and create friction among other members. In that case, you would be better off without that type of personality. Instead, this individual pushes your other team members to think outside of the box. With their differing perspective, you can take a fresh look at any project. 

Abstract Thinkers Hiding Inside Your Company

If you have ever held a meeting and you have those few people who sit in the back and hope to not be called upon, they could be showing you that they feel unheard. Unless they are simply toxic and lazy, in which case they need to be asked to move along and find a place that might value them more.
These team members will often be people in the lunch or break room that others actually chat with about personal issues. They are those that have trusted advice and can bring value. 

Key Indicators for Abstract Thinkers Potentials

If you have ever held a business meeting, it can be difficult for others to share their opinions. No one ever wants to be the “first” to share with the group. With Abstract Thinkers, they will happily share their thoughts and perspectives.
Do you have someone in mind for the role of an Abstract Thinker? You can usually quickly find them on your team. They might be the ones who are:

  • Analytical
  • Diplomatic
  • Adventurous

These team members offer sage advice, often look further down the road (and around the corners) for negative outcomes.
Pair these decisions with financial data and you have a powerful tool. This personality is a gift, not a curse. Make sure the culture supports this personality. 


Cons of not having a Strong Abstract Thinker Personality

As mentioned before, if an abstract thinking personality is not nurtured, supported, and coached, they can cause friction, seem pessimistic, and not be respected by others.
Those with unrefined raw tendencies might be too critical and more driven by ego and only see things through the limited lenses that they have experienced.
These can be built upon and finessed, but it will take patience and openness. 

Pros of The Abstract Thinker Personality

Having an Abstract Thinker Personality in your organization could be like having a trusted and intelligent peer that helps take ideas in the cloud and brings them down to reality.
A company that has a strong and balanced Abstract Thinker can maneuver through idea creation, new services, and other growth opportunities with confidence.
This team member can also become a very trusted and valued member throughout the entire company as a person that uses logic and not emotion. Is devoid of ego and is known to make decisions for the best of the team. 

Truthfully, Abstract Thinkers can be infectious and silently portray an environment that encourages others to take more active roles in the company and the future. 



Identifying and welcoming those that are abstract thinkers can add a very balanced and productive growth pattern.
It forms a cycle that ideas are created, discussed and then implemented with the right changes and adjustments to make sure they are successful. 

Next Steps To Success


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