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Restoration Business Personalities - The Task Manager

junior leaders leadership restoration team team building Jul 18, 2023

 From the desk of Klark Brown (no AI was used in the writing of this article)

Restoration Team Personalities

Join us along this ride as we help bring you insights into a better understanding of the different personality types that you may have on your team.

But more importantly, maybe you can better put your team in the right place ON the team or better recruit the All-Stars that will help you rocket to success.

This is part of our series around PEOPLE. Culture, investing, and growing people to help leaders buy back their time to do the best work that creates profit and FIRES THEM UP.





The Task Manager

By now, you already know the benefits of having a leader on staff, but how will any of the work get done? Leaders can inspire and motivate, but you need a true Task Manager to see any project to its conclusion.

Task Managers often have a reputation as the “bad guy or girl.” However, don’t think you need someone with a cranky attitude to fill this role. Task Managers often require a specific personality for the job.

In any company, this role can be challenging. You might need to cut these individuals some slack; Task Managers have the most demanding job of them all.

Spotting the Task Manager in a Restoration Company

Task Manager personalities are easy to spot. They are the PUSHERS. These are the organized and process/ time focused co-workers.
They likely have ALWAYS been task managers.
In the DISC personality profile matrix, these are often your C (cautious) and S (supportive) types.
[ get your DISC assessments here] They are not comfortable being in leadership roles, because they are more comfortable with getting sh*t DONE.
This will be the person that favors automation and technology integration to help them manage more.
The Task Manager will not have a problem telling people they are off task, late or have made an error. You need to make sure they are creating constructive environments to make sure they do not cause friction and alienation with others.
A healthy and well rounded team that understands one another will value a Task Manager personality….because most of us don’t do it well. 

Common Confusion

A team and owner may misunderstand a Task Managers tenacity for over-zealous energy and self-focused approach.
Owners and Leaders do not always have this strength. That doesn’t mean they can’t develop the skills, but simply it doesn’t match the personality type.
Can you have too many Task Manager Personalities on a team? I don’t really believe that but you certainly need balance with the others to have a well-rounded and growing group. 

Task Manager Personalities can take on a lot more than we think in my experience, but you need to have a good process of monitoring things to make sure that capacity is not exceeded, causing things to slip. 

A Task Manager does have those people skills to get others to work at a more efficient level. These Task Managers must be tough but fair.

Task Managers Hiding Inside Your Company

We find these to be easy to spot in a team. They are usually the person that most people push their work off to. They seem so effective, and driven by completion, that they end up being the Broom Closet where everyone puts what they don’t want or can’t do.
This personality type is often the Office Admin or Manager.
We find that content teams are organized and pay attention to details.
Task Managers are often the most successful with tech, programs, and apps. Timeclock, tracking, CRM and other tools FIRE THEM UP. 

Key Indicators to identify Task Manager

Need to find the Task Manager in your workplace? Look for these qualities:

  • Extremely motivated
  • Detail-oriented
  • Efficient
  • Quick thinking

With this hardnose approach to work, you might think that the Task Manager is all business without any personality. That is not the case! 

Making sure you have a very solid Accountability Chart in place helps you make certain that this person has a place to shine and that others recognize their superpower as well. 

Remember, you are not looking for an individual who screams and yells at others in your company. What would be the point of that? Fear should never be a motivator to make employees work harder for you. If that is occurring in your business, you will need to rethink your roles and who fills them.

This personality is a gift, not a curse. Make sure the culture supports this personality. 


Cons of not having a Strong Task Manager Personality

Without a person or few Task Managers, you will have a lot of starters and things don’t get completed on time or accurately.
This could be on the project level, causing delays, extra costs, and loss of profits.
It could also hurt your capacity as you are not efficient enough to stack more projects and capitalize on your opportunities.
Not having a Task Manager can put more weight on others. Leadership and other staff members will all spend more energy doing things they aren’t great at.
Example: A marketing development team member is trying to get as much face time with potential clients and build relationships. The tasks of follow-ups, sending proposals, and the such, can be a very valuable combination.
But the biggest threat of not stacking your team intentionally with the right people can cause you, the owner to spend all your valuable time MANAGING other's responsibilities instead of growing the business by meeting with other divisions and seeing what they need to be successful.
Wearing every hat is a certain way to have an unfilling company and possibly life.

These individuals must be willing to sacrifice chit-chat in favor of more production. Don’t allow this to be a culture drain. Highlight the positive and promote the focus while coaching this person to have tolerance for others and help find coaching opportunities to help coach up instead of creating distance. 

Pros of Strong Task Manager Personality

Having a Task Manager Personality in your organization can be a priceless asset. Not only can they plow through their tasks, but they leave a lasting impression on others on how they can better do their job.
A company that has a strong and balanced Task Manager can grow almost effortlessly. Almost any issue or task seems possible.
The owner or Visionary has confidence in the team delivering on deadlines and that the team will work cohesive enough to stay on track, so they can have more space to create and look further down the road and even around the corners.
The Task Manager's Personality will often be the energy around the company. They can help others feel they can adapt more of these traits as well. 


When getting things done, on time and accurately are important, you need to find those in the organization that has the personality and skills to ensure this is done and correctly, without causing alienation and friction. 
It can be exhausting and frustrating to have high performers in the area’s of the company, all rowing their own way, but not actually getting the RIGHT things completely in the right order.
Having Task Manager Personality’s are important. Getting tasks complete opens room for new opportunities.

 Next Steps To Success

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