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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

You don’t want to find yourself inside Klarks head.

entreprenuer equipment estimating leadership restoration small business systems May 03, 2022

 Trust me when I say,

"You don’t want to find yourself inside Klarks head."

But if you happen to find yourself there, or at least in his presence, this is the kind of shit you’d hear.

This was a random BLURT moment in the office last week. I had to share it.
I know you know him well enough to know that he speaks what he thinks, especially when he thinks it will help someone. 

The analogy was striking. It really speaks to an issue that we hear about every day.

"Imagine being a restaurant owner and going to alll the grilled cheese making classes every year.

That's what a large percentage of the restoration industry does. The owners and leaders LOVE going to drying classes. They LOVE to get certifications. 

The pursuit of being a better technician often supersedes the need for becoming a better business owner/leader.


So they can get a small percentage points more dry in a small fraction of time faster?

How does that help thier BUSINESS?"

(Hint: IT DOESN’T!!)

"Very seldom (never?) does a business close down because they didn’t dry properly. 

On the flip side… owners SHUT DOWN far too frequently because they don’t know how to run a business.

Are certifications important?

Is it important to know how to dry efficiently?


But the classes don’t have to be taken several times in a short period of time. 

Go get the education. 

Refresh every few years. 

But focus on the business!

The owners and leaders (YOU) need to learn how to run your business!

You need to know your financials as well… arguably better than how to dry a small percentage points better. 

You need to know how to systematically hold your team accountable. 

You need to have a ROCK SOLID hiring process. 

And because hiring people is so hard these days… you need to have really sound processes and procedures, looking for opportunities to automate as much as possible."


Where can that education be found?
Stay tuned. 

We are working on a solution!

Its going to be HUGE. 

Until then, we have options for 1:1 coaching for companies who are just starting up to mid size businesses that are doing $3-5M in revenue. 

Contact Us and let us know what your obstacles are and we will see how we can help!

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