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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

What Lies Beneath- A Roofers Tale

coaching entreprenuer estimating restoration small business Oct 24, 2022

Missed Opportunities or Knowledge


You just might owe hundreds of clients an apology.

Apologies are a very hard thing for people to wrap their heads around because ego and pride get in the way.

Stay with me here for a moment.

You must first start out by knowing that my article here is a resource to improve.
As pretty much an optimist, I believe the overwhelming population of the world, and in this case, the roofing industry means to do the best they can for their client.

But this elusive thing called education just always dances around.

If you are currently in or have even been in the roofing industry for any period of time, it is quite likely that you have missed a few opportunities to truly deliver for your client. Again…not the intention (let’s hope), but from knowledge.

If this does not pertain to you, reach around and pat yourself on the back because you are up at the ninja level.

As a 20-year veteran and very knowledgeable MITIGATION expert, I have seen countless times that a roof was inspected, replaced, or repaired with zero inspection and diagnostics to the interior condition or any subsequent damage due to moisture and water.

If a roof has been damaged due to a storm, there is very likely to be extensive damage. But MOST roofers are not in the position professionally to properly do an assessment.

There are the equipment needs:


  • Moisture Meters (Professional grade and calibrated)
  • Penetrating
  • Non-Penetrating
  • Proper attachments (pins, hammer probe, etc)
  • Specialty meters for concrete or other non-standard materials
  • Hygrometers (Professional grade). These adequately check for elevated levels of RH (relative humidity)
  • IR ( Infrared Camera’s-Again…yep…..professional grade)



Water is not always visible by the naked eye, touch, or anything else. It can be elusive.

Water is not always CLEAN. We have a categorization that determines the approach to the remediation process based on sanitary conditions and exposure to a large nasty list of viral and bacterial pathogens.

I have been loudly on the record for YEARS that a roofer should have a partner in the industry that is a professional mitigation and remediation firm.

A professional firm will be certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). It should also have staff members that possess adequate certification levels.
These are not simply ONLINE stamped certs. These are hands-on and written tests that include psychometrics, algebra, safety standards, economical judgment and a large library of other things.

Then we get into the really tricky world of MOLD.

Mold is a very specific thing and is often used by many as a scare tactic to close a sale.

Individuals onsite CANNOT identify if something truly IS mold and certainly not one of the thousands of species. Many are much worse than others in population effect.

Testing for the presence and concentration of MOLD is performed by an independent 3rd party professional that will create a report and scope.

MOLD is a licensed and regulated trade in many USD states. So there is a huge liability for mishandling.

Lastly, bringing in a professional expert will also know the legal laws around testing for other hazardous components that are possibly disturbed for testing and removal. Asbestos, Lead, and Silica. Check out my podcast addressing asbestos in the restoration world. You may be surprised that NO AGE of a building is exempt from testing. Podcast Audio or Youtube Podcast


Restorers pursue hundreds and sometimes 1000’s of hours of education because what YOU DON’T know can affect people’s health, property value, and claim outcome.

Here is my recommendation for finding a qualified restoration partner in YOUR area. Show your customer that you not only care about the roof of their home but for the unseen hazards that are often present and go un-identified…..causing illness with no real idea where it originates (Mycotoxosis can present serious symptoms that will look like the flu, pneumonia or worse). 


Check your local Google. Make sure they are IICRC Certified. You can search for them on the IICRC website- 


Reach out to my firm  at [email protected]

I also co-own and manage a coalition called The Alliance of Independent Restorers. Vetted professionals all over the US, Canada and Australia. 


A few recommendations. Please do not approach this as a MONEY MAKING opportunity. It is the RIGHT thing to do and all professionals should always be sincere in their proclaimed desire to truly help this home or business owner.
If you and a remediation company work out a nominal and affordable referral, that would be customary. 

But be aware, this a very very smart and savvy industry that also gets calls for homes with bad roofs and can be a reciprocal partner.

Too many people approach other trades trying to bulk the bank account. That is not how it’s done and often the RIGHT company will decline as they are busy as hell with their own work.

Build a WORKING and COLLABORATIVE relationship. There is enough for everyone. 

But more than anything….don’t simply do the roof and walk. Far too often this side gets a call AFTER and it’s now MOLD…..which may not be a covered loss with their insurance.
Water would have been.

I only present this article based on a long conversation that Steve Patrick (who Manages and owns Level The Playing Field). A LARGE online forum with contracting professionals dedicated to solid and sound education to help everyone stay safe, be profitable and live up to their promise to care for the customer.

We can all do better through unity and professionalism.

Drop a reply or comment if you have a question if you already do this or have had a bad experience (very possible). 


Your friend, Klark

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