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Its almost like I don't care anymore

coaching entreprenuer leadership restoration small business staffing startup systems Jun 28, 2022

Once you’ve identified the key systems that make your business money, it’s now time to extract them.

But here’s where many business owners get tripped up... they try to create all the systems themselves! And once they’ve been created, then they feel an overwhelming pressure to perform all of the systems themselves. 

As a business owner, you’ll never be free from the day to day operations if you’re always deciding to involve yourself in them.

This is a pivotal decision point where businesses can either remain in the stationary stage and continue to decline, or start systemising the right way so they can move to the scalable and saleable stages.

I had a breakthrough moment with a client this week who has been working hard on breaking free from doing things the way he’s always been doing them. 

His words to me (in a troubled tone) were, “It's almost like I don’t care anymore.” 

On the surface that sounds terrible.

The beauty of the statement is that what he is discovering, is that he isn’t as concerned with HOW things are getting done except that they are done within the parameters that he has spent years establishing. 

His concern has shifted to ensuring that the metrics are met. 

Client satisfaction, sales, profit, cash flow, staffing, etc. 

Rather than things like, the dehu at Mrs Jones house is not working properly, or that the tile was dried in place rather than torn out. Or that they had a guy out this week and they had to rearrange the schedule at the last minute. 

He has spent over a decade being involved in every aspect of the business. 

He now has the right people in the right seats with clear accountability, and has systems and processes in place that when followed, he can now trust the system to produce the same consistent and predictable outcome that he had when he was involved in all aspects of the business. 

His role is shifting. He is shedding the Chuck in the Truck mentality. 

It's like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Without the struggle, they die because they have not properly distributed the fluids from the body to the wings that are essential for survival. 

You cannot get from one phase in your business to the next without some struggle that expands your capacity. 

As Henry Ford famously said: "If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got".

So with that in mind, what do you need to change in your business to free you from the day to day operations?

What we find is that most owners and leaders know what they need to do. They just lack the structure and accountability to follow through. 

Use the form below and let us know what you know you need to change to free you from the day to day so that you can have a greater impact on the areas of your life and community that you care about. 

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