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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

restoration contractor dealing with Insurance Fraud and sent it to the American Policyholders Association

Is this FRAUD?!

coaching estimating leadership o&p overhead pricing profit restoration small business systems Jun 14, 2022

We turned this one over to the APA. 

Guess where it went from there?! 



Here is the scenario.
Comment at the end and let us know what you think! 

  1. Invoice for complete (agreed upon) services. 
  2. Packout from fire.
  3. Liberty Mutual.
  4. QuickBooks invoice sent to insured.
  5. Liberty RECREATED the invoice, with contractor logo and all, with lowered unit rates.


Can you imagine the STONES?

Of Course their reasoning is inaccurate, but that's beside the point.

We posted a letter on Facebook and tagged the company that the adjuster was referring to.
We thought we’d share it here… but we’d love to hear your perspective.
Be sure to drop us a comment below. 

“Greetings Liberty Mutual Insurance, I'd like to extend my knowledge base and services to you and your organization.

I will actually do this once at NO FEE, as I think the overall Net Gain will help and impact endless parties.

From a factual standpoint, I'd like to clear up 2 simple and quick facts.

  1. O&P (overhead and profit) are burdens and requirements recoverable between client and contractors on ALL projects.

There is no 3 trade or complexity exemption. Contractors know this, I'd like to trust that you, as such a credible organization, wouldn't be pretending you don't know that those things don't apply.

Injecting yourselves in any slanderous or deceptive way would prove to be bad faith, possibly bordering on Criminal and Contractual Fraud.

You will find Xactimate's White Paper on this subject here-

  1. I have multiple projects where designated parties representing Liberty Mutual are erroneously stating to consumers that a variation from Xactimate published Price is not "fair and customary".

I would assume that the experience you have with the software and the diligent legal department would know that this false statement could seriously impact the insured for receiving what they need to restore their property.

Maybe it's an oversight and there is an educational opportunity for you and your claims departments.

Here is that link for the Terms and Condition that all users agree by.

Pay special attention to section 7. Here is that link.

As a 20 year experienced contractor and now a coach and consultant heavily involved in the emergency services segment, I'm sure you will find this offering generous and helpful to keep your legal exposure to a minimum.

Should you need endless examples (all provided to DOI and Attorney Generals of included states), I'd be happy to consider providing these.

You may contact me at *****************.

Thank you for your time.”

We are partners with the American Policyholder Association. 

You can believe that The American Policyholder Association has been engaged to handle this further. We wanted their unbiased and professional eyes to review this. 


The Attorney General with jurisdiction over this situation has been engaged and is actively reviewing this situation. 


Be sure to check out our e-course "Xactimate: The Truth behind the Curtain on Pricing".

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