I hate meetings.


coaching leadership restoration small business Jun 21, 2022


I like my time. And I mean I like it ALOT

As I’ve aged (gotten older), I have probably learned to value it more than money. Yes. For sure I have. 

With time I can spend with family, listen to music, watch a movie, or create something for work.

Money really doesn’t help me with those things.

This topic is going to cause some chair shifting and weird looks.
But I bet many will go back to their team and take a look at how this might help.


I hate meetings (mostly). Not all are created equal.
Like most, I want them to be specific, inclusive, and results oriented.

Meetings that should be emails, get a really nasty snarl from me.

My mind brought up this topic mostly around what I call WIP meetings.
Work In Progress. 

Generally, these are the meetings where all PM’s, office, owners, The Pope, Johnny Depp, and Mr. Rogers all gather crackers, coffee, Diet Coke, and their cell phones (silenced by being placed face down on the table) in a room too small.

Then with usually no real rhythm or direction (start at the top), the team starts to go through each and every job. Open and closed recently.

“What's the status?”

“Where are we?”

“What needs to be done?”

You get it.

This goes on from 1-3 hours. Yep. I have sat in thee lasting 3 hours.

Generally, good things come from these. Discoveries, collections, invoicing, subs, etc. All positives.

But here are the first 2 issues I see. 

  1. 80% of the people there are listening to info that doesn’t pertain to them. Their time would be better used elsewhere on their job. 
  2. This is a handicap or replacement for proper project management best practices. 

To be fair, I think this is a remnant of the years past. Micro-Management disguised under “information”. 

You might have a CRM or Project Management software. If you don’t, get one. Today.

Which one? That's a good question and subject. One better left with you contacting us and helping pick the right one and helping with system implementation. 

Almost everything you might ask or need to know is designed to be documented in the file. Couple this with directional processes (who does what next), and you have a fluid running operation.

The last thing I want to mention is:

The owner and others not associated with the project may not need to know.


Yes. Delegate to Elevate.

If you have hired the RIGHT PEOPLE and they are trained. Let them go. Be clear on the expectations, coach on failures, applaud when successful, and generally be a great fucking boss and leader. 

If you don’t think you have the right people….that is an entirely different issue. 

You may want to revisit a few other blogs about this:

In closing, if you asked me for input on your WIP or production meeting, I am sure I could help convince and train you to not need this, and your company,might run smoother. 

Save the meetings for projects (marketing, new services), launches, and small meetings around evaluating performance on jobs, systems, or people.

Meetings to brainstorm on how to better provide an incredible customer experience. 

Oh Yea….found one more relevant piece we wrote: Micro-Management stunts your growth


See ya

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