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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

Hiring Process- Importance of who you hire

leadership staffing systems Feb 08, 2022

This is right off the notebook of Klark... he sent this to our clients but I wanted to share it with you too!

Its so good. And it really addresses a challenge that the industry is facing right now. 


I know in this current climate of human assets, this is HARD….but I have ALWAYS looked at hiring a new person to the team as an investment.

I would do my research

I would make sure exactly what I am hiring for

I would expect an ROI. A $50,000 annual person can make you 50k, lose you 50k or make you $600,000.

Isn’t that worth finding the right person.

The idea of turning down work doesn’t sit well with many…..but I continue to watch us play Russian Roulette with our customers, our brand and burn our other staff or management but asking them to manage people that won’t ever really care about your business or their part in it.
These people should NEVER be allowed to wear your shirts. Decline a job before you let that happen.

If you go to a restaurant….and get bad service, a bad attitude……what does that tell you?

Will you go back?

This is the same for us.

What if there was a template for restorers to use?
A process from identifying the need for someone, placing the listing, all the way to on-boarding and ensuring we train and build these assets up.

They are asset. Of course they are people but you run a business that feeds dozens of people. That matters and its not anything to be messed with by grabbing a warm breath.

We are working on building just that. A step by step guide for you to plug and play in your business. 

 Let’s build SuperBowl Teams. Not just put players on the field.

Train ourselves and train them.

It matters.

- Klark


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