Voice of Restoration Nation - #1 Tip to hire someone

small business staffing Mar 22, 2022

 We asked “What is your #1 tip for trying to hire someone?” It could be a tip for recruiting, or the hiring process.

We polled Restoration Nation, and other business professionals on LinkedIn, to get some tips and tricks from those who are in the trenches so to speak. 

We got a variety of responses, but it was interesting to note some of the similarities.

Here are some of them.

  • Use the interview process to show them what working for you will look like (showing your values, communication skills, integrity, and respect for them/their time and efforts). - Saas Industry

  • I always found it helpful to have the applicant "ride-along" for a couple hours with a seasoned employee or myself so they can see what the job entails. Then bring them in for the interview immediately afterwards. This gives the applicant a real life view of "what they are getting into" and gives you and/or a trusted employee a look at how they interact and handle things in real life. Not all industries will allow for this method, but it provided great feedback to both parties. I've had several applicants decline the interview after seeing what the job is all about. - Building Code/Inspection Specialist

  • I like to hire someone who has worked in the field and has experience. While not absolutely necessary in my line of work, it does help. I also need someone who is willing to step outside the job description sometimes and be able to learn and grow. - Banking Industry

  • I prefer hiring and training people that have little to no restoration experience. All I need to work with is a good attitude and work ethic. A trick I use during hiring; early in the interview I ask if they have reliable transportation to work which leads into "What kind of car do you drive?" Later in the interview I excuse myself for a minute and go to the parking lot  quickly to take a look at their car, and inside of it. You can learn alot about someone that way. - Restoration Industry

  • My biggest piece of advice is for every business to take a piece of their marketing budget and build a campaign around recruiting. 
    Let's face it. Business is easy to find. People are not.
    Figure out what makes your company attractive to employees, and promote that within your community. Provide healthy incentives for employees to bring folks in.
    Eliminate "tire kickers" by having a GREAT employee on-boarding process. - Restoration Industry

  • Forget about hiring experienced techs, resolve yourself that you are unlikely to find what you are looking for. Hire people that are good fits for the company and then train them. Increase pay as appropriate, promote as appropriate, make them feel appreciated. - Restoration Industry

  • Be a good manager. Treat your people well. Appreciate them. Respect them. Offer them a path for advancement. If you do that all along, they'll go where you go. - Restoration Industry

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