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The 4-Minute Mile

Oct 02, 2023



The miraculous story about Roger Bannister, the first human being to run a four-minute mile. Human achievement requires both skill and mindset. But I believe mindset is the primary first step.
Convincing ourselves that things we might generally think are not possible, might be the worst kind of lie we can tell ourselves. 


This historical figure started as almost everyone. An ordinary bloke from the UK who was driven by things in his life. Maybe you aren’t from the UK, or even a bloke….but you have goals and a desire to do big things.
On May 6, 1954, after an almost unthinkable set of attempts, practices, and obstacles, he indeed did what he set to do.
Run 1 mile in under 4 minutes. A feat that was unfathomable after centuries of track and field. Track and Field has been around since the first Olympics in Ancient Greece in 776 BC. That's a LONG time.
Sir Roger Bannister died in March of 2018. You can check out more about his extraordinary accomplishments here:



For many generations, many runner hovered very near or around that four minute mark, but dipping below was just out of reach.
So, as most humans do, we deemed “impossible”. This caused countless people to simply not train for and try to achieve it. I mean who does anything with our limited time and energy when it has been failed by almost everyone?
On that day in May, in what would be seen as NON-IDEAL conditions, Roger DID IT. He finished a mile in 3:59.
It is written that the pursuit of this mythical benchmark. It is written that most runners claimed it was more of a psychological battle than just a physical one. But this gentleman over came both.
Can you relate to every having such major goals yet they seemed so far, or worse you were told maybe they are possible….but just not for you. You don’t have IT.


We now have learned that Roger indeed did break under the elusive four-minute mile…but what is incredibly astonishing is that this new record, previously seeming impossible only stood for 46 days. Next John Landy (Australian runner) broke Roger’s record. The one that no one could.
Then in the next year, 3 more broke those records in a single race. Over the time since those miraculous days, this has been conquered by thousands of runners.
What was once impossible, became almost unremarkable. This is quite a revelation as we look at our business goals and think that things are impossible. 



In business, we look at things through a singular lens that sees only what we know, we believe or have experienced. It is often empowering to leave the possibility open that things we DO NOT KNOW are not only possible, but made for us.
In the Four Minute Mile, you see the path where someone shut out the entire possibility and made it a reality. In a very short time, not only one person but 3 quickly beat it. What was previously impossible was possible.
I find this so powerful and it’s why I chose to share it with you. 



Like the track and field industry, 99% believe that how it is, is how it will always be (or worse). That is certainly easy to accept, but for high achievers, this just isn’t acceptable.

  • LIE- Insurance companies will continue to dominate the pricing and FNOL (First Notice of Loss). 
  • TRUTH- With the right components and strategy, anyone can onboard their clients, build systems and have a great digital marketing strategy to build a sustainable and trusted brand in your market. It is occurring today, as we read this. If they can, you can


  • LIE- I can’t find the right people who want to do this work so that we can serve all our clients and actually grow.
  • TRUTH- Many companies have developed a different approach and looked at recruiting as part of their marketing and developed incredible training programs to attract those who want to serve people and build a strong career around that. Happening today….while we read this. 


  • LIE- I cannot price my jobs to be as profitable as I need for today's costs.
  • TRUTH- You can and we will show you how. 

We could go on and on and list the lies we tell ourselves, but I think you see the pattern.


Whether you plan to set new records in the track and field space or simply desire to build and operate the business of your dreams, you can close this blog and at least know it is possible. Once you know that, it start your mind of asking how.
That is where we like to think our results can help.
Between the great affordable online e-courses we have created, to working with Restoration Advisers in a coaching and mentoring program, we continue to see Restoprenuers™️ continue to do things that they would have otherwise never thought possible.

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