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coaching entreprenuer leadership restoration small business systems May 10, 2022

Later this month, I will be traveling to do my 250th (ish) Onsite Business Assessment for the restoration industry and I thought this might be a useful time to capture what this has taught me and what it has often created for the restorers I worked with. Not all have the same results, but most are on the voyage. 

First, we should ask WHY I WAS HIRED. Well, that would take dozens of pages…..but I can summarize one major thing. 


An owner or set of managers know they work hard, have acquired all the technical skills, built a good company and brand…..but they just aren’t launching or where they WANT TO BE. 

That’s fair.
It means there is a dream.
Fantastic start. 

If you were to ask me: “Klark, what is THE largest thing you see missing or holding a company back in the restoration industry?”

The #1 is pretty clear and #2 is very closely related. 

It is:
A strong leadership team
an operational structure for that team.

That's it.

These teams often dry buildings well (very well I might add). They clean like experts, estimate and invoice strongly…..but the organizational structure is a very tall skinny tree….if there is one at all. Very few roots or much foundation.

You see, the IICRC and all the classes our industry recommends very seldom teach business and management. We are hoping to see that evolve and change. 

When I fondly look back over the last few years and hundreds of sessions, I see that the majority made massive efforts and created a structure for their companies. Some have even started to actually GROW. 

The clarity derived from the sessions alone gave everyone a powerful direction and focus. That coupled with the talented people and great service, often causes substantial growth.

There is one thing I would tell you that occurs frequently. It alarmed me in the very beginning. When you correct or build a leadership team, with the right criteria, you are often surprised by who steps up…..and who doesn’t make the cut. Owners and leaders are forced to make difficult decisions by removing or replacing people that have been with the company for years.

That's what happens. Structure isn’t for everyone. 

If I were to share Seven Criteria that I feel are what makes up a STRONG LEADERSHIP TEAM, it would look something like this: 

1. Having nothing but SUPERSTARS on the leadership team. 

Individuals that are among the highest performing and aligned. All take full ownership and responsibility for the ACCOUNTABILITY CHART (we work with you and create these together) in which they are assigned. 

  • They wake up each and every morning realizing that they are responsible for building more leaders (see the video we made on this idea Leadership Factory). They assume the role as coaches and mentors as well as performing the job they hold. 

  • These are THE RIGHT PEOPLE in the RIGHT SEATS. They put themselves last and put the needs of the organization first. 

  • They have the trust of their peers and exhibit incredible confidence, while remaining humble. 

If you can assemble a team this impressive, you are going to be ahead of 90% of the industry. 

2.These LEADERS are 100% aligned with the Vision and The Plan. 

All Star teams are 100% in total agreement with every word on a document that we help create called the Vision/ Traction Organizer (V/TO). This serves as the blueprint, framework and plan on how the team will arrive at and surpass the major goals they all created.

When the team is laser focused and moving in the same direction, 85% of the issues that normally occur, become obsolete. 

3. The Teams speaks ONE Language

A team that is in unison with all their actions, language and results are a formidable force. 

It doesn’t need to be said that when a team is directionless and roaming, it is frustrating, wasted energy and causes good people to lose interest and eventually leave. 

4. They treat EACH OTHERS as equals. 

A strong leadership team, when in a room together, ignores hierarchy. Each member’s input is weighed exactly the same, and there is an equal exchange of dialogue. If five people are on the team, then each member talks about 20% of the time in the meeting.
When the leader of Operations is speaking, all others are interested and are honest and focused to make that department successful.
Sales Teams speak a different language than the Financial Team, but neither exists without the other.

This culture is driven from the top down. If the Visionary doesn’t portray and display these traits, no one else can be expected to do the same. 


The most successful companies have leadership teams that are comfortable with conflict. They don’t hold back, they call out every issue, and they comfortably discuss them until they are resolved in one sitting.

Allowing issues to linger and even fester can devastate a culture. 

6. They are incredibly fanatical about RESOLUTION.

A Strong Leadership Team is very focused on issue resolution, once they are identified.

A formatted and agenda based weekly meeting with the entire leadership is held weekly. During this meeting 1-12 issues are resolved in order or priority. 

Just discussing them is not a resolution. A series of tasks and To-Do’s are assigned that contribute to ensure that all aspects of the issue are addressed and all teams below receive the adequate updates in what I call Cascading Meetings

Issues are not left to linger and spoil the crop. They are resolved and the team moves on. 

7. They possess the SECRET SAUCE

This might be the tough one. This team loves one another. They have the respect and love for the team and the process. 

They look forward to the weekly meetings. The idea of winning together, losing together and eliminating issues together excites them. They arrive ON TIME, focused and ready to do the work.

They are excited to see the staff they are in charge of win and battle the battles.

They leave their ego’s outside and do what's best for the company, even if it's not a personal victory.

The BEST trait of the winning team is….they call themselves out and ask for help when they are not achieving their goals or simply want to hear from another person how they would do things. 

That's the Secret Sauce. Build a team that fits into this mold, and you almost cannot lose.



If you can build upon these Seven Criteria, I am confident you will see a transformation occur! And don’t be surprised if everyone on your team doesn’t slide in to fit or find their way out of the organization.

If you would like to schedule to be a part of one of our next 250 sessions, please reach out to us and let’s schedule a call to see if that is a fit.


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