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Simple. Black and white. Binary business.

Simple Black and White Binary Business

business entreprenuer leadership restoration small business Nov 29, 2022

Black and white.
Binary business.

Seems like it is shaping up to be the theme for Restoration Advisers in 2023.

We fly solo.
We walk alone.
A lot of naysayers.

What they are missing is the simplicity of what we talk about.
We preach doing things RIGHT.
Right for you.
Right for your people.
Right for your business.
We don’t need to follow a script that everyone else says we should follow.
You don’t either.
The challenge is figuring out what the right thing is for you, your people, and your business.

 We use an 8 step process so your business can have an identity.

What do you stand for? Meaning. What is at the core of everything you do?
3-5 things.
In the business world people like to use the words “core values”.

What is it that you want to be known for when all of this is in the past?
Either when you die. Or when your business shuts down.
What do you want people to know you and your business for?
In the business world… It's known as a mission statement.

To take the mission one step further. Who specifically do you want the mission to impact?
What segment of the world do you plan to help?
What's your niche?

What are the things that make you different from everyone else? Unique?
Again… 3-5 things.

Make sure your team can perform these things.
If they can’t, you have to ask yourself if you’ve hired the right team.

5 & 6
Who is your ideal customer? This is bigger than money. Money will come.
You’ve had bad customers. You know. The kind that at the end of the job you say… that just wasn’t worth it.
Learn to identify those before you even price the job.
Learn to walk away from them.
Go get more ideal customers.
Your life will be so much better.
Your employees will appreciate you.
You will have more time to go get ideal customers if you don’t have to battle with bad customers.
Where are your ideal customers located (geographically)?
How do they think (psychographics)?
What are the characteristics of your target customers (demographics)?

What is the process that your company uses to get proven results time and time again?
Document that.
Onboard your customers with that.
Set the expectations. Tell them what the process is and communicate each step of the way.
Get your entire team on board.
Make sure they know the process and follow the process.

What is your BHAG? Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal.
Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Where do you want your company to be in 10 years?
Just a sentence. A clear statement about what your minds-eye sees when it stops to think about the future.

The fact that every human being is different should be a clue to binary business.
Every business is run by a different human being.
People lead with their heart before the brain. Always at odds.
So no two businesses are the same.
No matter how hard you try to replicate what everyone else is doing.
We get asked all the time if we can share SOPs from other companies… so “we don’t have to recreate the wheel” or “see how everyone else is doing it”.

Jocko says it best in his book Discipline Equals Freedom,
“Everyone wants some magic pill-some life hack - that eliminates the need to do the work.
But that does not exist?
You have to do the work.
You’ve got to hold the line.
You’ve got to MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

This was written under the context of motivation and staying motivated. In Jocko's words, there is no such thing.
In the context of this blog, there is no such thing as copy and paste business.
There is such a thing as the RIGHT way to run your business.
There are fundamentals. Just like in football.
There are fundamentals that determine success or failure. But every team has its own identity. Its own playbook. Are there similar plays in the playbook? Sure… but given each roster is made of different humans with different skill sets, no 2 playbooks are the same.
Your business is no different.
Binary business.

To continue Jocko's thoughts from the book,
Dig in.
Find the Discipline.
Be the Discipline.
That's it.”

If you can’t figure out what the identity of your business is… use the form below, and let us know how we can help.


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