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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

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Everyone is talking about it. What are you doing about fuel?

estimating o&p overhead pricing profit restoration sales Mar 29, 2022


Everyone is talking about what to do about fuel. 

What are you doing in your company to compensate for the added cost?


Costs are up. 

Adjusters are still resisting invoices. 


So what will you do… what are you doing?

How can you run a profitable business with inflation, and rising fuel prices?


Was 10/10 good enough to cover fuel costs last year? Is it good enough to cover costs now? 

“Add a line item for fuel surcharge.”

That's what everyone is saying you should do. Even the mothership of Xactimate (Verisk) has empowered the contractors to bill for increased fuel cost. (Don't take our word for it.)

So Xactimate says its ok to bill... but we are getting feedback that adjusters are stalling. It seems to have caught a lot of adjusters off guard. They don’t have a copy & paste argument for that one… yet. 

But they will. They got knocked back on their laurels, but they work for massive organizations who are professional negotiators. They will have an argument for the fuel surcharge soon. 


What will you do when they come up with a compelling argument for why they won’t pay your fuel surcharge?


At Restoration Advisers, we teach owners and leaders how to navigate these issues. 

We even wrote blogs about how to handle these issues. 


Things like:

👍🏼 Have you heard the truth about xactimate that no one is telling you?

🙌🏼  What if we told you that you have permission to stop talking to carriers and TPAs

🙄  Have you been told that you cannot charge for equipment?


We’ve got good conversations going on about the subject of fuel surcharges along with other insightful topics. Check out our podcast! 

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