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leadership restoration small business staffing systems Apr 05, 2022

Superstar: a star (as in sports or the movies) who is considered extremely talented, has great public appeal


Here at Restoration Advisers we get the opportunity to meet some incredible people, and from time to time the people also get to meet each other. 

Disaster Podcaster Season 2 Episode 6 is where 2 superstars meet and share their perspective on the industry, share their journey to leadership, and help the listeners understand and get a perspective that isn’t generally on podcasts! 


One industry

2 superstars

2 different journeys

One works in a family owned business

One has worked at multiple companies

One is a Triple Master

One has a lot of experience in fire restoration (and is a volunteer firefighter)

Both started at the bottom so to speak. 

Both are now in leadership roles

Both are dedicated to the restoration industry

Both are creating more leaders by leading well

Both Robert More, and Dylan Timmel will be on the Disaster Podcaster Season 2 Episode 6 to talk about their path to their current roles, to discuss industry trends, industry hot topics, and to chat with you LIVE!

These guys will be giving you a real and raw perspective from junior leaders. Obviously they don’t speak for the industry as a whole. But they can provide you with a unique point of view that other podcasts are overlooking. 

Are you a junior leader? We’d love to have you join the conversation. 

Are you a senior leader? Are you curious about their perspectives on specific topics? Or do you have a question that they could help you answer?

We will talk about things like:

  • How will restoration businesses need to change to attract a tik tok society?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a family owned business
  • Strengths and weaknesses of working for a company that is not your family business
  • Where do you see wasted time, energy, or resources within the industry?
  • Where can senior leaders focus their time and energy to make the industry better?

What questions do you have for Robert and Dylan? 

Tune in LIVE on Facebook and Youtube on Wednesday 4/6/2022 at 3 PM EST.

Save 833-262-2410 to your speed dial and be ready to call in when the phone lines open up! 

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