LEAD UP - A leadership trait that is often missed.

We are putting the finishing touches on an Accelerate program for emerging leaders. 

We did this last year with incredible success. But lets be honest. It was the first one. While we had incredible results, and responses, we had equally incredible feedback. Using the experience and feedback… we’re almost ready to roll out v2. 

This Accelerate program could also be for new/young owners in the restoration industry who are looking for some solid concepts to help them get a jump start on growth and education, or meet some other industry peers. 

As we talk to owners and leaders in the restoration industry we are often connected with emerging leaders. They often want to know how they can become more connected in the industry, how they can contribute to making the industry better, and how they can bring more value to the organizations they represent above and beyond.

Read on to find out what we are doing to facilitate the growth and connection they want!

As we were putting the finishing touches on the Accelerate program, Jocko’s blog hit our inbox.
Jocko (for those that don't know) is a wise leader, and an incredible speaker, and a phenomenal teacher. 

His blog talked about a few leadership concepts that we planned to touch on. 

Things like Leading up and Taking Extreme Ownership of building better relationships. 

He says, “Often, when people think of leadership, they think of a senior person leading a team of people that report to them. That’s leading down the chain of command. But just as important—or perhaps even more so—is leading up the chain of command. You must also lead those senior to you in the hierarchy of your organization. You have to understand their vision, align with that vision, and push information up the chain, prioritizing the most important things they need to know. You have to influence them so that they make the best strategic decisions possible. You have to convince them so that they provide the training and resources you need to solve problems, accomplish your mission, and win. You have to earn their trust.”

We find it so interesting that emerging leaders are asking for this type of training. Society tells us that the younger generation of workers doesn’t care. They just want to play video games. 





The fact is, most people inherently want to be better.

It's not easy to find people that want to be better at skilled trades, but they do exist. We know a lot of phenomenal people in this industry. 

We’ve even connected some incredible emerging leaders with some incredible business owners and leaders. 

We interrupt this program for a public service announcement:


We just know a lot of people. 

A lot of people call us to talk, and ask for guidance. 

We ARE NOT a recruiting service. 

Back to regular programming. 

When you find them, you better do what you can to keep them. 

Invest in them. 

Lead them.

 And when we say lead them, we are saying that with the understanding that leaders create leaders. 

What we are saying is make them a leader sooner than later. The sooner you can make another leader within your organization, the sooner you can focus on growth, and/or greater impact on the areas that you care for most… like family and community. 

In the book “I love it here” by Clint Pulver, the first few chapters talk about how developing a dream team requires mentorship, empathy, and proper expectations. 

Gone are the days of plenty of workers and iron fisted philosophies like “either you do it my way or you are out the door”. While there are still boundaries that must be established, they can be easily managed by hiring the right people from the start and not having to use the old iron fist philosophies due to poor performance or lacking judgment. 

Clint Pulver outlines his 4 Principles for hiring your dream team like this:

  1. Hire the right person, not the convenient person
  2. Hire internally
  3. Hire for ABCs: attitude, behavior, character
  4. Let your employees focus on what they do best


These are phenomenal components of a good recruiting and hiring process. Using these as a guideline will help restoration contractors find people that will give you as the owner/leader more free time because you will be able to trust them to be productive, and to lead and manage well. 

If you need help building a good recruiting and hiring process use the form below to reach out to us. 

The Accelerate Program is a guided peer to peer mastermind series with regular coaching, interactive challenges, downloadable worksheets, and immediate takeaway items that emerging and new leaders will be able to take advantage of.

We will focus on 3 areas of development. Management. Leadership. Productivity.

Management and Leadership are often 2 terms that are confused and interchanged, but there are fundamental differences between thm; they are separate and specific skill sets. Management involves an emphasis on executing functions, whereas leadership is about motivating people.

While Productivity and Management are about getting things done, productivity is an essential skill of a good manager. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Accelerate Program, go to https://www.restorationadvisers.com/accelerate

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