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A few words from our Founder- Klark


In this series, participants will walk away stronger in the following areas:



Start with the end in mind

Participants will learn how to take the organizational goals, and dissect them into digestible daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, enabling them to have direct impact on the organization.  



Leaders create new leaders

Jocko Willink says it best, people think of a senior person leading a team of people that report to them. That’s leading down the chain of command. But just as important—or perhaps even more so—is leading up the chain of command. You must also lead those senior to you in the hierarchy of your organization. You have to understand their vision, align with that vision, and push information up the chain, prioritizing the most important things they need to know.



Never mistake motion for action.

Its easy in this digital age to get distracted by social media, un-timely education on YouTube, etc. Using some of the tools that we have, participants will be able to better allocate their time, and prioritize the most important things to execute. 

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Restoration Superstars + ACCELERATE =


Team members with skills to have immediate impact, and to advance within the companies they represent!


This program is a Peer To Peer Mastermind series. Meaning that your Junior Leaders will be in a "room" of others in similar roles. 

We REQUIRE attendance to the meetings
We REQUIRE participation in the meetings
We REQUIRE that action is taken with the lessons learned

A Mastermind series does not work without everyone being present and engaged

As a result, we will closely vet each applicant. 

  • We will require that the owner/Sr Leader sign off on an agreement to allow Junior Leaders to be successful in this series. 
  • We will require that each applicant sign an agreement that they will be present for ALL meetings
  • We will require that Junior Leaders will perform the assignments and challenges, and be ready with feedback for the calls, or to participate in the community discussions
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Participants will be equipped to manage, lead better, and to be more productive

  • Management
     - Say NO to distractions
    - Create and Document Streamlined processes
  • Leadership
    - Learn to give valuable feedback up and down the org chart
    - Establish clear Expectations
    - Be more than a cheerleader, be a coach
  • Productivity
    - Prioritize Primary Tasks
    - Maximize Power hours
    - Block your time
Yes Please!!!

A bit about me...

I remember going to work with my dad (a career machinist who does trig and geometry in his head) when I was a young boy. His entire philosophy was to cut down on run time. He was driven to have the best product in the shortest amount of time.

That philosophy carried with me into my career in transportation, into my business, and now is the thing that inspires me in my coaching.

I strive to help business owners and leaders increase their efficiency and productivity so that they can have a greater impact on those they care for most: their families, and their communities.

Part of that process is educating Junior Leaders on how to have a greater impact while they are on duty. - Toby

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What's Included?


#1- Guided educational segments with a professional coach


#2 - 8 video group call sessions with the coach 

 2 sessions per month (Aug - Nov)

Up to 90 minutes each.

We will have the session schedule posted soon. You can pick either Tuesdays or Thursdays. 

#2- Exclusive community page to collaborate with peers and coaches

Outside of the calls we will have a space for participants to collaborate and connect to discuss the assignments for the week, and to challenge each other. 

#3- Worksheet  Downloads and links to resources

We have resources to help guide participants through the exercises as well as resources for them to continue the journey 

The Result? 


Participants will sharpen their existing skills, learn new skills, and hear how peers are finding success in the areas of time management, productivity, leadership, and management.

With the sharpened skills, they will have a renewed focus on time management & productivity

They will be empowered to share the information with the team and ultimately help create the next generation in the companies they represent.

Ultimately the participants will require less of the owners and senior leaders. This allows them to focus on growth and other opportunities.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for Restoration Superstars who:


  • Are engaged in the business and as a result are top performers
  • Eager to learn, grow, and teach
  • Leading or soon to be leading others
  • Eager to contribute to the success of the organization
  • Can set aside 2-3 hours per month to join the video calls without distraction
Not for anyone who:
  • Has no time to dedicate to learning
  • New(ish) employees who haven't demonstrated loyalty to your company
  • Troubled employees - we aren't here to "fix" under performers
  • Make excuses for not showing up
  • Will not implement what they learn
I'm Ready

Wait, what happens if you DON'T participate?



Nothing changes

You will continue to have a team of order takers... rather than decision makers. What got you here won't get you there. 


Superstars go elsewhere

They may not ask you, but we hear it all the time. They want to know where they can go to get personal development. They desperately want to bring more value to the organization. In this era of a tight work force, it is incredibly important to invest in your top performers to retain them.


You will find your ceiling

All organizations require innovation and education to thrive. If you don't invest in your superstars, you will stall out. You will have difficulty retaining good people. Burnout will continue... you will be overworked. 


Here's What Others Are Saying...

Alvaro Parra


I have been operations manager for about a year and a half and any opportunity to learn more from people that have been doing this longer than me is a great opportunity. I look forward to being a part of this group and bettering myself and my company along the way

Erika Comer


The online industry groups have been indescribably helpful to me and I feel very blessed to have found them because they have been such a valuable resource for me when I had a question, when I’ve needed advice, and just the discussions and reading opposing stances has been informative. So of course, I would love to be able to contribute something that might encourage someone else to step out of their comfort zone and grow too!

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The Ultimate opportunity to facilitate the culture of growth and education in your company!

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One time payment

  • Fill out the application
  • Schedule a interview with your coach
  • If approved, purchase your seat
  • Get your account set up, and get ready to 🚀

After August 1st


One time payment

  • Fill out the application
  • Schedule a interview with your coach
  • If approved, purchase your seat
  • Get your account set up, and get ready to 🚀
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