I knew nothing when I started

coaching entreprenuer small business Dec 07, 2021

Toby here.

Just wanted to share a little of my story with you.

I started in business for myself out of necessity. I did not know what I was doing. I had a formal education. I had 15 years of corporate experience. But I didn’t know what it took to run a business.

I didn’t even know that there were a lot of resources available for people like me. From my perspective, I had the example of family and friends who had been successful in business. 

I started on my own after leaving the job that at one time seemed like part of the journey of a lifetime. 

In time I realized that the company I worked at wasn’t aligned with my core values. 

It took me starting out on my own to figure out what my core values were and why I was experiencing friction in corporate. 

I launched out on my own. I started where I was. I did what I knew how to do with the resources available to me.
I happened to get a call for help from a business coach. She actually hired my company for some work that she needed done.  

The universe brought us together, and she ended up being a god send. She helped me understand how to identify the value proposition that my company brought to the market because of who I was as a person. 

She helped my utilize my skillset and knowledge from corporate to translate to my business.

She was an extremely valuable mentor, and a guide.

She saw the potential in me and pushed me to limits I didn’t know I had, that propelled me to a land that I didn’t know existed. 

There are all kinds of resources available to aspiring business owners. You don't have to wander around hoping for success. Utilize the knowledge and information from others who have been down the road. Get plugged into a community. There are free facebook groups like the Restoration Advisers Official Group. This is one of many for restorers. There is a lot of free information and collaboration in these types of groups. 

There are also more exclusive groups that are subscription based. They are often moderated to ensure that the content is extremely valuable and that the subscriber is getting tremendous value for their money.

Restoration Advisers has recently launched such a group… more to come on that soon. 

There are several extremely qualified companies and individuals who provide restoration specific training, but not a lot of companies that focus on the business side of restoration. That's where Restoration Advisers come in. We have extensive experience in restoration, as well as business. We provide 1:1 coaching, Coaching on Call, and soon, we will have an online academy for restorers to tap into at their convenience. Access to the exclusive community will be part of the online academy. Students will be able to collaborate with other students as well as the team at Restoration Advisers without the distractions of social media platforms. 

 When I was working with my coach, I attended events with other students and built a network with others that were on a similar path. We supported each other in many ways. Much like the quote from John F Kennedy. He said,

“The rising tide lifts all the boats.” 

Check out our new course that is launching mid Jan 2021! It is a e-course designed for new restorers, and restorers who want a refresher on the fundamentals. 

The course is designed to be 45 days of content to help you build a stronger restoration business.

Our online platform will include a daily video, and downloadable assets such as worksheets, checklists, and more. 

You will gain access immediately to the exclusive community that we are building for restorers who want extremely valuable  resources and collaboration with others just like you.



Feel free to check out the free resources that we have available!





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