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45 Days


The Framework and GUIDE that all restorers, young and experienced, wish they had when they began.


In this step by step course you'll learn:



The Fundamentals of a Mitigation Company

The complexities and liabilities of a strong emergency services company has often been compared to a "roller coaster ride". That isn't far from the truth if you don't have a guide from those that have done it before 


Learn From Those That Have Been Through The Same Thing

We seem to repeat the same mistakes and fail using the same myths and methods others believe. We will pull back the curtain and help a new generation create a NEW way of operating.


How a MODERN and Successful Company is Built

We have identified and outlined the most impactful pillars of a strong business and matched them to implementable steps. We want those that do not identify as savvy business people to prove themselves wrong.  

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You + This Course =

everything you need to get started building a sustainable and strong mitigation company!

Maybe you've thought: If only we had most of the answers to the tests. After all, doesn't everyone else struggle with the same issues?

Or maybe you KNOW there must be a better way to operate within such an important trade. Your ability to help your community is very valuable. You deserve to be wildly successful while doing it.

Either way, You are tired of spinning your wheels and want to finally build the company you dreamt of. 


You will have clarity and CONFIDENCE once you complete this course. You will enjoy growing your business.

  • As the leader, you will have a renewed inspiration and drive to not only paint the perfect vision, but enable and engage your entire team to understand it and help drive the company towards it. 
  • Your newfound focus will allow you to move forward with less guesswork
  • One final powerful benefit will be the community aspect. We continue to learn that when like-minded people share a powerful experience and collaborate, the exponential growth is immeasurable. You will gain access to a tribe of fellow students, all sharing the same journey...allowing for deep relationships. 
Yes Please!!!

A bit about me...

Not only do I have actionable knowledge on how to build and grow a foundationally strong company, I bring unmatched passion. 

When you pair expert  education with endless energy, it creates a highly  explosive result where all sides win.

I whole-heartedly believe that education is a destination and a journey. When you visit the right places, with the right people, the experience is incredible for all. 

The teacher is the student and the students become teachers. 

Pay no mind to what looks like a frown, I am a deep thinker....

- Klark
What Does Success Look Like?

Develop a company that becomes built on a foundation of repeatable processes. 

Be the proud leader of a team and culture that creates an infectious energy surrounding  all it does. 

Lead a company that allows the owner to create security and wealth through available time and endless capacity.

Feel you actually have control of your company and are allowed to create a future that you only dreamt of.


This is achievable with hard work and focus. 


How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:
  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels, wasting money and spending time that causes feelings of defeat. 
  • You want your next steps strategically planned and executed.
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had trustworthy building blocks.
  • You often find yourself paralyzed and frustrated at the lack of results.
  • You KNOW you deserve more and are not afraid to take action. 
Not for you if:
  • Cannot focus
  • You cannot hold others accountable
  • You cannot hold YOURSELF accountable
  • You have already given up hope
  • You feel your problems are not causes of your own actions
  • Think the way it always been done is the best path
  • Listen to the voices of others, that are not investing in your success.
I'm Ready

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Wait, what's included again?



You will receive 45 consecutive days of carefully crafted, outlined and deliverable video segments. Ranging between 6-15 minutes, they will be easily consumed, but never lacking in practical GOLD. 



Whether or not you can commit to learning the modules consecutively, these will be available in an organized and organized library to allow you to watch and learn as often as you wish, as well as share with your team. 



As an active student, you will receive entrance into a private and exclusive community of like minded peers that are on the same journey. Interact to share wins and losses, as well as have access to the instructor and the team at Restoration Advisers. This WILL NOT be a Facebook or social media group. This will be without distractions, ads or online drama. Simply learning and dream chasing.


Here's What Others Are Saying...

Stephen Shelley

Klark is a great guy who is genuinely "always available". He is super knowledgeable with all things related to the insurance and restoration industry. He has drug me in a lot of ways to be much more profitable!! Thank you Klark for all you do!! Would recommend his services for all who are striving toward mastery of the industry we love!!

Bryan Daughtry

Coming into this industry from the outside, I was astonished at the almost endless hurdles and challenges we faced everyday. Meeting and deciding to work with Klark was one of the single best things I could have done for the trajectory of our company. His ability to connect with the essence of our mission, help clarify our goals and values, then to take on the challenges WITH us, instead of simply trying to provide answers.  One thing I feel is often overlooked is the depth of the people and resources that hiring Restoration Advisers brings. You inherit an army trying to help you win at all costs. 

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The Ultimate restoration business framework and workshop is a few clicks away !

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Yours Today!


One time payment

  • 45 Daily Education Segments
  • Worksheets and Downloads
  • Online Library Access
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • Release Mid January 2022



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