It's as Simple as The Three P's

coaching restoration systems Sep 07, 2021

Maybe you have heard of the PPP.

I don't mean the 2020 Payroll Protection Plan.

 I'm talking about the well used entrepreneurial system stemming around:

  • People
  • Product
  • Process


Learning how to stay FOCUSED and keep your eyes on these three can help make everything else work more efficiently and profitable.

 In the restoration industry, or any trade  I would presume, we leave these often ignored, neglected or even implemented out of order. This starts the process of chasing our tails forever !

 You must start with the right people. The right mix of talent and people in the right roles. This is almost single handed, the MOST critical point. One you must spend time on. 

 We see far too many people focusing on product 85% of the time. This is the outrageous pursuit of all the IICRC certifications and all the toys the carriers push upon you to pay for.

 But most try to use entry level people with little to no true training and SOP's to push the train. Yet they just can't fully perform.  They require more leadership.

 Then process is ignored because most claim to "not have time" or "don't handle details well". Both are dreadful excuses and continually deliver expensive failing results.

 We simple recommend you create a mission and make it clear for the entire team. That you will keep YOUR eye on the three P's and the health of the business. For them.



 The right people, good attitudes, smart, happy, energetic and driven.

Pay them as well as you can afford and create a culture of evaluation and improvement.



Don't think as yourself, and what you feel the client needs. Use assessments, surveys, and focus groups to create great customer experiences.

Also focus on your core product. If you try to be good at everything, you seldom will be.



 This is the engine that binds the best people, given a solid GPS and the right tools. If they are the right people and buy into the mission, they will feel as strongly as you do on its quality.

Then they will work together to make sure they work within your guidlines to make it not only productive but fun.


You aren't alone on this journey. If you feel you have a team that you always need to convince and over don't have the right team.

 Stop fueling the hampster wheel of the small business and take control to build the company you dreamed of when you first started.


If these steps seems to be just more than you can implement, please feel free to reach out to Restoration Advisers and see how we can partner with you to create entrepreneurial freedom and wealth.

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