Silence is not Golden

coaching entreprenuer leadership restoration small business May 26, 2022

For those NOT involved in the same industry as me, much of this will make zero sense. But read anyway because you likely have insurance of some sort.

Let me start by saying there are scores and scores of really good people in the insurance industry. They are advocates for those the policy of insurance swore to protect. So save me the triggered responses.

I'll also announce that because SO MANY make their living from insurance proceeds, i won't be anyone they choose to stand next to at a party (although they secretly agree and tell me so).

Insurance as we know it, is a valuable and almost required necessity. Most Americans would not financially recover without it.

But there has been a system being built over a long period of time that is sinister and harmful.

Insurance makes money by collecting premiums and paying less in claims. Duh, right?

That's a great business model and many many people have been and still are among the planets richest people. Again, cheers. I love capitalism as much as you.

But I don't like deceptive and devious behavior to obtain wealth.

I know the tactics of DELAY,DENY, DEFEND. I witness the tactics daily now. From the inside.

These carriers have duped the average policy holder into believing that they are in good hands.

Their processes not only use propaganda and adjusters to shrink the money to rebuild or replace, but also hold much needed money from 1000's of contractors, to obtain the tried and true result of people settling for much much less to just get paid.
This causes a contractor to sometimes commit fraud by over billing or cut corners on cost, harming the policyholder.
This is for property, health, and auto. All around.

They have developed these Managed Repair Programs (MRP's) to have a list of often unqualified providers that will agree to hugely unhealthy pricing, add large amounts of unbillbale administrative cost, and then a lack of profit to market, to find their own work.

Here is where you may ask, "Isn't it the contractors choice?'". You would be right except in some cases of franchises that are forced to participate.

These programs are like a drug. You get hooked on the flow of work, look only at revenue, but don't see the lack of profits, which slowly drain a company. Then you can't turn off the programs, because cash is all that's keeping you alive.

Then a TPA is a third party administrator.
Picture this. You invest $200,000 to become a qualified professional. Then an insurance company, which you are not contracted with, hires grossly unqualified individuals, hired on Craigslist, serving yogurt last month, to write remote recommendations on the price of the work, while never coming to the site, nor stepping on a construction job.

Sound crazy, welcome to our life.

So here is where i come in. I think education is power and i see good people on the policyholder side and the contractor side fall deep into poverty, anger, depression and drug/ alcohol addiction.

My family did not raise me to sit aside and let bullies and billionaires take advantage of peoples naïveté.

So I use a large platform to openly and loudly educate all sides to see the truth.

This has costed me relationships and serious growth of my very successful business.

Many people are very reluctant to speak loudly, as the carriers target them and make things worse. Seriously. It's that bad.

MANY are aware and share my tenacity. I DONT want to diminish those.

BUt every day, new contractors open and are falsely told this is the way to go....until its too late.

Why don't i stop. Just shut up and make my money, get rich.

Because I don't want to be remembered as one of the people that knew the truth, had a voice and chose to not use it.

I won't be that guy.

I am no hero. No one asked me to be a torpedo. But it fills my cup when people come to me and say they are ready to speak up.


So for those that don't shun me, appreciate you. Those that have their head in the sand......enjoy while it lasts.

I won't stop and I won't be silenced.

No insurance pressure.
No Xactimate
No Negotiations.

Every invoice you cut, only builds the quarterly dividends for the insurance stakeholders.

I teach people to stand their ground and invoice with confidence.

My Christmas list is thankfully smaller.




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