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How Long Do We Have?

management training restoration business time management Nov 27, 2023

 [from the desk of Klark Brown]

The future is barreling at us faster than ever right now. The Autobahn is fun but damn, it’s intense. I ask myself and others all the time if we are playing the right game of balancing being in today and looking ahead. Let’s discuss that.  

We seem to really never fully grasp how fast time is until……it’s later. Not too late, just later. 
Maybe this is because we are not focused. Maybe we are busy (YES SIR). We might have time management issues. Social Media? Organized Chaos in life and business?

I think I could pick most or all of those at some time (not social media. I am offline in that one right now).

The industry I am in, disaster recovery has been in a fast lane for the last 10 years with insurance involvement, inflation, loss of potential staff candidates in the trades, disconnected society, uncertain economic outcomes…
Ok, that's depressing the absolute hell out of me. 

But the truth is if we use the statistics and data it is not going in the right direction. But many don’t seem to be arriving to that realization.

How about we all agree to take the steps that might be uncomfortable and out of “the norm” and do what's best for our clients, our staff, and ourselves? Stop following industry trends and do what we know makes the most sense. 

Don’t forget that most of the places you are seeing the “should do’s” are coming from sources that fall into one of these categories: 

  • Marketing companies
  • Software companies (lord knows there is no shortage of those)
  • Industry publications
  • Other contractors that might be repeating what they see (copy and paste)
  • Coach’s/ Consultant
  • More

I am not saying write off any outside contact, It’s good to keep your ears open, but make sure you use a strong filter. 

But change is coming and I think we need to REALLY get more intentional to make sure we are positioned well. 

Five years from now, I wonder what we will be talking about. What will I be writing blogs about? I don’t know but I am not sitting idly by as a passive bystander. 


Apologize to no one. 

Cheers, Klark

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