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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

the key to freedom in your restoration business

12 Steps to FREEDOM in your Restoration Business!

entreprenuer estimating leadership marketing o&p overhead pricing profit sales small business May 24, 2022

I don’t expect you to believe everything I say, but you have to know I wouldn’t lie to you. 

I have some unique and great experiences. 

I have been very fortunate to have some amazing mentors and peers bring me into their universe and grant me the opportunity to see things I may have never otherwise seen. 

I have always gone against the grain, like cutting a big juicy Texas brisket. 

Do things others have and certainly do things people say can’t be done. 

One of those is the current trail I have been on the last few years. I have been on a path to showcase what we (in this restoration/ emergency services industry) have come to accept as truth. And that is that somehow, our process and direction is owned by and steered by insurance carriers. 

I am not a fool and recognize how large  they (insurance carriers) are and the power they yield…..but being righteous is a super power.

Education and confidence is the light. 

I participate in 100’s of conversations annually about the topic of billing, invoicing, negotiations, struggles with carriers and with loss of profit. 

None of that is actually required. 

Be 100% client focused

I bet that doesn’t sound right or….you don’t believe I know or understand. Well, you would simply be under-informed. 

I do know. I have been a business owner, an employee and now a coach industry advocate. 

I could list many examples of incredibly successful contractors growing their business as you read this by directing their attention to improving the lives of their customers, staff, community and industry. 

You can too. 

It's Simple, but Not Easy. Meaning the first muscle you must change is your brain. Fight the urge (or fear) that you will get carrier pushback.


You get that now and you may be playing their game. 

Want to know the path? What will you do once you know? I can’t help those that won’t evolve. 

Let’s name it Restoration Advisers 12 Step Freedom Program™️ 🥷🏻

  1. Set appointment with client 
  2. Perform inspection
  3. Create scope/ work plan
  4. Create price for AGREED UPON scope.
  5. Create digital contract with scope written and price to perform.
  6. Get customer signature
  7. Proceed with work
  8. Do great work
  9. Communicate heavy and clear.
  10. Complete job
  11. Obtain signature on COC
  12. Get paid. 

Never once does this process list any carrier. 

Zero % need for you to be involved in that. 

Provide the documentation to the client, attached to their invoice to ensure they get reimbursed. Nothing more and nothing less. 


End of story. 


It's not hard unless you make it hard. 

You can help the client be the hero by doing what you do best. 

Restore their property as promised. That's worth it. 

They don't need you negotiating with the carrier.

And that's illegal (UPPA)

 If you don't stop doing this, you will need to stop complaining about the outcome. 

If you can't do this alone, reach out to us. 
We help our clients build systems to get paid faster, eliminate operational chaos, and free owners up to have more impact on their families and community.

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