High Risk Contracts & Documents

URGENT: Check Your Restoration Contracts and Releases*

Are You Covered?

The funny thing about RISK is; We don’t often recognize it until it’s TOO LATE.
Among the very first things you can do is have a solid contracting and documentation process. 

Contracts vs Work Authorizations

Our industry has misled us. But don’t blame it (the industry). It has only repeated what it was taught. That is how generational education happens.
For a few decades, restoration contractors in the mitigation and emergency services space have adopted the terrible information that simple work authorizations are adequate. They simply aren’t.

A contract is a legally binding document between two parties that contains many required components such as a price, the scope of what's included, dates for completion, etc.

Contracts are required in many states in the US.
Yep. REQUIRED. Meaning any work performed without a contract that meets the requirements for that state is null and...

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