The Great Resignation - And how restorers can benefit!

staffing systems Nov 09, 2021

The Great Resignation is upon us. We can worry about the future, or we can figure out how to turn the resignation from other companies into opportunities to hire incredible talent.

After talking about the what and the why of the situation we find ourselves in, we will dig into the how. We have a tool to help you maximize your opportunity and streamline your hiring and onboarding process. A good process can help you make better decisions, and hopefully make better decisions on the people you hire!

Lets dig in.

Arguably politics may or may not play a role in this. We digress. 

 We need to figure out why so we can address the problem and become an attractive company and bring in some incredible people. 

Forbes put out an article for leaders to consider.

Here are some takeaways:

  • Forty percent of employees cited burnout as a top reason for leaving. 
  • Employees were so dissatisfied with their situation that more than one-quarter (28%) of all respondents left their jobs without another job lined up.
  • Job changers are generally happy they made the switch to a new role. 
  • On average, respondents reported a 22% boost in feeling cared for as an individual by their new employer and a 22% improvement in comfort regarding disclosing a mental health condition compared with how they felt at their previous employer.

The 5 reasons why employees quit according to this Forbes article:

  1. Burnout: 40%
  2. Company going through organizational changes: 34%
  3. Lack of flexibility: 20%, Instances of discrimination: 20%, Contributions and ideas not being valued: 20% (three-way tie)
  4. Insufficient benefits: 19%
  5. Well-being not supported by the company: 16%

 The article lists 6 things that the person switching jobs sought in a new job:

  1. Ability to work remotely according to personal preference: 40%
  2. Better compensation: 37%
  3. Better management: 31%
  4. Better company reputation: 29%
  5. Better work-life balance: 26%
  6. Flexible work schedule: ​​24%

Does your company do any of the 6 items well?

If not, what can be done to improve those things? 

If you need guidance, consider joining our on demand coaching membership. You gain access to the coaching staff at Restoration Advisers on a as needed basis using the online platform. We are building out a community platform for our members to collaborate with peers who share similar interests and goals. 

Obviously field work cannot be done remotely. But maybe management or administration can be done in a hybrid fashion? Before you discount the possibility, utilize the question “How could we do this if left no option?”
This job market is forcing all of us to think outside of tradition. Those that understand this the soonest will be on the frontside of the wave to the future. 

Before we discount any of these things, we must instead ask “HOW”. If the reason you give that you cannot do any of the 6 things above is blamed on insurance or adjusters, then we would then need to consider what it looks like to do business without those factors involved. 

If a lot of people are resigning, that means there are people looking for jobs. We all have a lot of job opportunities in the blue collar industries. 

Now, lets face it. A lot of the people resigning could be coming from a corporate environment… or completely unrelated. This is where having a clear mission, and documented core values comes into play. 

You want to hire people that understand the mission, and embody the values of the organization with the ability to learn new skills. The trade or job skills can be taught. But character cannot. 

Steve Jobs provided an interview that spoke of this. He hired a school teacher to run a major component of Apple! Check this out:

 The moral of the story is look for character and ability, not for trade specific education or skills. 

Forbes published an article a few weeks ago for those who are resigning. They provided some steps for those who are resigning to find their next opportunity.

One of the steps was to "Get Clear on [your] values". They are encouraging readers to not just thing about finances and job security, but to not compromise experiences and happiness. 

 A shift is happening in our society. Traditionally it was a “worker” society. It wasn't an “opportunity” society.
The restoration industry still has leadership that is trying to provide work… or jobs. They haven’t shifted their mindset to providing opportunities. 

This is brought on by not having a process by which employees can grow and elevate within the company. 

Techs often stay techs… at most might advance to a Lead Tech or Project Manager.
What if there was a road map for new hires with checkpoints, or levels of achievement that will provide them with clarity on what it takes to be considered for a promotion?

 Do you have a process for the entire recruiting, hiring, and on boarding phases? We have a Hiring Worksheet template that you can use to systematize this entire process. You can get that here.

This Hiring Worksheet Template helps define a Job Description, Job Posting, Interview process, Hiring Process, and Post HIre/On Boarding process. 

It acts as a guide for the employer on the entire journey by providing a logical If This, Then This approach.
There is a placeholder for you to list specific questions that need to be asked. It helps with ensuring that all references are contacted, and so much more!



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