You are 3-4 connections away from surpassing your goals

marketing small business startup Feb 14, 2022

The restoration industry has found a lot of success in getting referrals from plumbers. There is an expectation from most plumbers that you must pay them for the leads they send you.

What if you found referral partners who were grateful to work with you… in exchange for a relationship that was reciprocal?

  • You share business.
  • You share opportunities (jobs, clients, community interest, friendship, etc).

We all agree that money is nice, but there is more to life than money. 

Appreciation for referrals can be shown in many many ways.

Cash is one way, and it's been a “tradition” in the industry for a long time. But if you’ve been around myself, Klark, Restoration Advisers, or A.I.R. (Alliance of Independent Restorers) you know that we challenge tradition, and the status quo.

We are about advancing the industry, promoting new ideas to bring new ways of doing business, and achieving new levels of success. 

People that care about you want to see you successful. Family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, other business owners/leaders, community members, and beyond. 

The critical piece to remember is that they have to know what you need. You need to be direct and ask for their help. The right people will jump at the opportunity. 

The book “The Power of Who” illustrates something similar to a dart board. You are on the bullseye… The hub of your network. Each ring represents a relationship and the numbers on the dart board illustrate your paying clients. 

Using that illustration, how would you get from where you are on the bullseye, out to where the numbers are? 




Here is a quick list of action items to help get you started maximizing your network and tapping into “The Power of Who”.

  • Who do you know now
    • Make a list
    • Go through your FB friends list. 
    • Past employers/ co-workers
    • Church
    • Community groups
    • Future referral partners
  • Who are the people you know….know.
    • Be prepared to ask those from the list above to help make this a wild success and share with others they know. This is where you really get some traction. 
  • Turn friends and family into partners
    • I mentioned your circle will be involved in your journey. They will likely see a little less of you in these early stages. 
    • Recruit your friends and family to keep you accountable and their contributions will help you scale and return to being involved with things much more. But only after a level of stable. 
  • Simple messages
    • Plan your messaging PER contact. 
    • Friends and family will have a different role than past co-workers or other business owners/leaders. 
    • Consider a well done series of short videos. Testimonials that can be used in marketing and put together for unique attention grabbing assets. 
  • Point to your Story
    • Like with everything, don’t forget to follow your story and your framework we outlined on the first day. 
    • Don’t make it hard for people to remember the details.

Spend some quiet time with your list of who you know and don’t be afraid of asking them to help promote your launch and success. 

If you are uncomfortable asking for this from them, or they aren't interested, you need to ask some serious questions on whether or not you are reciprocating enough to attract people.
If not, you might struggle throughout your business. 

I built my company (before selling it and coming on board with Klark/Restoration Advisers) on cups of coffee. That's how I leveraged “The Power of Who”. I spent very little in marketing dollars. My marketing was cups of coffee. It takes time to build this way. You must view it as an investment and put the time into building. It is a very strong foundation that will stand the test of time. 

-Toby & Klark

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