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Those words are told to the world best downhill skiers. 
Specifically the type called "Moguls" are a fast paced freestyle style. 
High risk, huge victories. 
Don't look down is a famous teaching for skiers. 
Why? Because where you look is where you go.
So looking ahead will take you ahead. Looking down clearly will not. 
Could this not be applied to life and business? 
Goal oriented people will always be looking ahead
and seldom where they are now. 
This place was planned yesterday or long before. 
It's a result, not a destination. And one that will take you to the next place. 
Don't look down. That's not where the real work is. 
Knowing where you are is safe, and certainly a good idea. But only for a fleeting moment. 
In business, don't look down and get caught up in minor things. 
Delegate to the professionals and experts you have hopefully hired and trained. 
They don't need to be hawked over.
They want you to look ahead for the next super slaloms. 
Where you look you will go. 
Look down and you will stay there, which will lead to a stall or collapse. 
Look ahead. Plan as best you can, but don't linger. 
Skiers also fall when they stand still on steeps runs. 
Don't look down. Fall another day. 
But not today. 

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